Racing Ferrol 1- Racing 1: disappointment

The first home point of Racing de Santander came with his worst game as a visitor.Not with one more man from the 63rd minute, Fernández Romo's team was able to generate danger.

El punto sabe a poco sobre todo por la pobre imagen que dejó en A Malata el equipo santanderino. Un error grave en defensa sirvió para que el exracinguista David Rodríguez a pase de otro ex, Héber Pena, abriese el marcador y en ataque el equipo santanderino fue incapaz de crear nada de nada. Solamente fue capaz de empatar de falta directa de Álvaro Bustos... El entrenador de la escuadra cántabra se mostró incapaz de encontrar soluciones con los cambios, que llegaron tarde y no hicieron mejor a su equipo.

The game began very lively, but bruised a mirage.Both Racing de Ferrol and Santander Lescuesta a lot generate game and suffer many troubles at the exit of the sphericals.They are aspiring ascent phase, but only if their benefits improve.

Soko, with a header distant from the ochominutos finishing off a lateral foul that Botó Pablo Torre opened the hostilities.The foul had been made to the Cameroonian, very marked, and they always gave the ball in a stand ... so it is complicated that they can leave the rivals.Álvaro Bustos also had a pair of dangerous chuts quiet in corner kick.

The game of the Horizontal ENPASES and swimming game was drunk at the inability of the two to take out the ball from behind.When they pressed the Racing de Santander above, the legs were shining and the team that trains Fernández Romo, his field in defense retreated too much.

A corner that forced in the 22sain-maza minute with a boarding school in the area took the fans from the area. Four minutes later came the clamorous error of the Cantabrians.Joseluaguanta a ball far from the area and opened the ball for the Internship Deheber Pena, an action that remembered the Racing de Ferrol from a few years ago ... The Galician end without marking and David Rodríguez Rematósin opposition between the two centrals.

Racing Ferrol 1- Racing 1: Decepción

The Gol Mazazo struck Racingde Santander more.After half an hour the referee whistled danger in a serve on the corner in case the Santander marked since there was nothing.The Ferrolanos had also fallen into the sompor of the olex of A Malata.Tenza pressed little up and stole the wallet on the rival rear, the Extremadura arrived forced to put a good pass back.

In the final stretch of the first part Pablo Torre initiated an individual action that ended with foul and card for Quiquefornos on the edge of the area.Álvaro Bustos nailed the ball near the squadRACON the Argentine Gazzaniga doing the statue of direct fault.Cuatrillas saw the Galicians in the first part and none of the Santander ... something that in the end could be decisive, but did not take advantage of the Cantabrian squad.

Racing was more motivated to Lareanudación spurred by the psychological goal achieved by Bustos, although with the same deficiencies and lack of ideas.Three corner serves and little else was what the mountain team got.The two Racing are too flat and previsible.

In the 63rd minute the referee expelled Aluruguayo Viacava with a second debatable yellow.The duel was put to the Santander, but not even those.From there nothing was played.

Until the 67th minute he did not make the first Romo Changes giving Entrance to Manu Justo and Isma López, but maintaining the same system against a man less.In the second part he removed Bustos and Torre, his most dangerous men.

In the 69th Chacón minute in a contradicted at the door, but the Racing of Racing of Ferrol Chutó Lojo and the sphericolus caught Lucas.

With a man more a shot by borjadomínguez who did not go on the door was the only thing that Racing de Santander did. Anro by Unai Medina in a strategy that hit a defender and went to the corner of corner and now.The thousand loss of time of the local team and the nerves and unincapacities of Racing de Santander did the rest.The referee added minutes, but not even half an hour he would have won the Santander squad.

RACING DE FERROL, 1: Gianfranco Gazzaniga, Quique Fornos, David Castro, Miguel Loureiro, Alfonso Candelas (Fernando Pumar en el 84), Iñigo Alayeto (Kevin Presa en el 64), Fran Manzanara, Juan Viacava, Héber Pena (Luis Chacón en el 56), Joselu (Dani Nieto en el 55) y David Rodríguez (Jon García en el 84)
RACING DE SANTANDER, 1: Lucas Díaz, Medina, Mantilla (Isma López en el 67), Pol Moreno, Satrústegui, Iñigo, Fausto (Marco en el 75), Soko, Álvaro Bustos (Borja Domínguez en el 75), Pablo Torre (Manu Justo en el 67) y Cedric
GOLES: 1-0, David Rodríguez, minuto 26; 1-1, Álvaro Bustos, minuto 46
ÁRBITRO: Carlos Pérez Fernández (Castilla y León), que amonestó a los locales Gianfranco Gazzaniga en el 18, Fran Manzanara en el 25, Quique Fornos en el 45, David Castro en el 63 y David Rodríguez en el 83 y a los visitantes Lucas en el 63, Iñigo en el 70 e Isma López en el 91; expulsó al local Juan Viacava tras sendas tarjetas en el 7 y el 63
INCIDENCIAS: A Malata, 3.000 espectadores con un puñado de aficionados del Racing de Santander.