New World: How to increase inventory size, storage

New World está lleno de artículos para recolectar, ya sea en cajas de suministros, en la recolección de recursos de árboles, minerales y demás. Pero llega un punto en el que nos pasamos de peso y eso nos puede afectar incluso a la hora de combatir. New World: Cómo aumentar el tamaño del inventario, almacenamiento

How to get more space in New World?

Make saddlebags

To increase the inventory, you can rise and go to the table of the haute couture workshop to make your own bags.Depending on the level of your character, you can create much larger bags so they can support more weight.

These bags can be found in the auction house, but it is recommended not to buy them.The bags will increase their trade levels, then save some changes.The invoice can be a bit salty, but often the effort is worth it.

In addition, if you do not have the tailoring levels to make a bag, you can ask one of the members of your company to do it to you.Here are the different recipes and expectations required to make a leather bag:

Bolso de cuero crudo

x45 raw leather

New World: Cómo aumentar el tamaño del inventario, almacenamiento

X25 of Lin

X10 Iron ingot

X1 "Holding the Runa T2"


Sastre table level 2

LV.3 Armor elaboration

Bolso de piel forjada

Bring + 50 of space

x45 forged leather

X25 satin

X10 Iron ingot

X1 "Holdingrunet3"


Level 3 tailor table

LV.23 Armor elaboration

Bolso de cuero grueso

Bring + 100 of space

x45 thick leather

x25 silk

X10 Iron ingot

X1 "Holdingrunet4"


Level 4 tailor table

LV.38 armor manufacturing

Bolso de piel impregnada

Bring + 150 space

x45 imbued leather

X25 Lin

X10 Iron ingot

X1 "Holdingrunet5"


Level 5 tailor table

LV.53 Armor elaboration

Where can I find the runes to make bags?

Small runes, necessary to make your bag, can be found in the faction store.They are not cheap, but often the effort is worth it in the event that concessions between different objects to throw them have to make.

1000 gold250 chips

3000 chips500 gold coins

5000 gold1000 chips

7.000 golden15 toilets

* The guide will be updated with the right names of the runes once the game includes them.

Storage area in cities

In addition, it is possible to get rid of their resources in personal storage that are scattered in each of the cities present in Aeternum.However, resources are not centralized with all storage.So, if you want to use your minerals that are in Gré-Du-Vent while it is in Levant, that is not possible.However, if the two territories of your warehouses belong to your faction, you can transfer them through gold coins.

You can increase the storage level of a city choosing to expand its personal storage at the reputation points of that city.

In the missions

Some missions donors will be very generous with you and will allow you to have bags.The search is particularly "among innkeepers" that will allow you to have a "free" bag.

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