New details about Torneko, Maribel and Gabo's abilities on Dragon quest Heroes New details on Torneko, Maribel and Gabo's abilities on Dragon quest Heroes

Square Enix has shared new images and details of the Dragon Quest Heroes II game: the twin kings and the end of the prophecy, detailing more depth the characteristics of three new characters that join the template: Torneko (Dragon Quest IV), Maribel(Gorgo in the European version) and Gabo (the two of Dragon Quest VII), as well as the new skills and team combos.

A arms merchant who knows all those that have existed at any time and place.He dreams of a successful life by directing the best weapons store in the world, so he leaves his family to undertake a trip with which to meet his goal.If you have to look for a legendary weapon, even in an infinite depth dungeon or in an unknown world, he does not hesitate to get to work and go for it.

If it is for legendary weapons, I will even go to another world!

Torneko travels around the world looking for legendary weapons.Even in this game, he wanders to another world to continue the journey of him.Anyone would expect him to join the protagonists to find the way back home, but as soon as he arrives in Zebion, he starts looking for articles of interest.Although he is concerned about the family he has left at home, he excites the adventure that awaits him in this unknown world, not in vain he is a lover of strong emotions.

Even concerned and lost in an unknown world, Torneko is excited about adventure.

Every adventure has its own problems.Torneko is already used to locking him.

Many utensils in the bag

Torneko fights using the utensils he collects, showing his true value as a weapon seller.Using these objects, the merchant becomes an off -road fighter capable of making broad, distance and recovering life.

The mangual of destruction launches a huge iron ball against enemies.

With the Sabio stone, Torneko can recover the lives of his allies.

Nuevos detalles sobre las habilidades de Torneko, Maribel y Gabo en Dragon Quest Heroes II - Nuevos detalles sobre las habilidades de Torneko, Maribel y Gabo en Dragon Quest Heroes II -

Using the crossbow, you can shoot arrows consecutively to aerial enemies.

His special attack is the call to the army, which makes several warriors appear out of nowhere to attack the enemy.

The daughter of a mayor born in a fishing village.Maybe because she has always been very spoiled, she is very direct when speaking and she always says what she thinks.Even so, she is a good heart.Her strong curiosity leads him to get involved in the war in another world.

It is arisca, but also of trust

Maribel ends in the middle of the war between Gywall and Orenka.The young woman ends in a difficult situation when a great horde of monsters begins to attack for reasons that she does not know, but that does not intimidate her as minimal, and of course he does not doubt that the attack is because of the overwhelming attractiveness of her.Although this bothers her, her initiative does not decline even being in a different world.Accompanied by Gabo, she will have to join a great war.

Although he is not interested in the battle, he throws himself together with the protagonists who have saved her from danger.

His haughty attitude persists even in a different world.In addition, she is convinced that she could win the war even being her alone.

Maribel offers a wide variety of unique skills

Maribel specializes in attacks with the boomerang and spells to attack at a distance, but also has special skills that allow him to fight at a short distance.This young girl makes great use of her insults and throws himself to cakes for enemies.

Maribel's punishing benefits hit the rivals with a giant hand.

His cry stuns enemies based on insults.

Using the cutting shot, Maribel attacks with a backward jump that distance from the monsters.

His special attack, the flames of purgatory, generates some pillars of fire from which he collects the flames with which he will explode the enemy.

A kid with athletic abilities that surpass those of a normal person.He inherited the power of the legendary white wolf that saved a certain city and now always travels with the accompanying wolf of him.He has great intuition and can present disasters and the arrival of enemies, as well as find delicious food.

A wild child who fights instinct

Gabo ends in a different world with Maribel.Perhaps because of the blood of the wolf he possesses, he throws himself to battle with a great war cry.The tuning senses allow him to instinctively perceive who is a friend or enemy on the battlefield, and also help him locate food.However, the fact that he goes to his ball amazes even Maribel, seeing that appetite weighs more than the fight they are witnessing.

Gabo cares about the lack of food even in the middle of the war.Maribel scolds him telling him to concentrate on the fight.

Gabo smells someone who approaches.The smell of him will be of great help in this battlefield full of enemies and allies.

Gabo fights with his wolf

Gabo can unleash powerful special skills in combination with his partner Lupine.He himself has a great physical ability and his attacks with his claws and the fire breath will become the most distinctive features of him.

Gabo's roar and his wolf stun the nearby enemies.

With Fenrir's attack, the wolf jumps on the enemies by launching a series of consecutive scratches.

The fire breath that comes out of his mouth burns the enemies in front of him.

His special attack, the stampery of rams, calls a pack of wolves that ... Ah, no, what he calls is a flock of sheep.

In Dragon Quest Heroes II there are new ways to strengthen the team thanks to team skills and team combos.Since skills can be learned by increasing skill with certain types of weapon, this increases the general values of the equipment and is very effective in battle.The effect extends to the whole group. Your someone learns teambill, so you should try to make all members learn some.

The characters learn team skills with an instructor in the citadel of Zebion.

By learning the ability of the god of martial arts, the attributes of the whole group increase

Team combos can be done during the battle, so that group members replace the character you are controlling to provide a series of consecutive attacks.This is very useful when you want to continue attacking the enemy with characters that are at a distance to appear before him.

Following Tereshia's attack with a team combo ...

… Gabo replaces it immediately to continue the attack.

While you explore the countryside you will find lots of monsters and powerful enemies that are attacking travelers.This kind of events are called "field missions" and solving them will bring us bonuses in the form of experience points.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: The twin kings and the end of the prophecy will go on sale in Japan on May 27.

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