Meghan's personalized bag with a wink to Princess Diana

They were just three days when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had public appearances during his visit to New York, but they were enough to see endless looks that the Duchess wore.An emphatically autumnal suitc.Although there were few accessories that were seen from the Duchess on this visit, there were details that did not go unnoticed.It was precisely during his appearance at the Global Citizen Live Concert, that Meghan wanted to make a wink to Princess Diana through her accessories.Although on stage he was seen carrying an elegant short in bone color with Valentino applications, upon his arrival he took one of his coats, with a foulard around the neck and a bag that sought to resort to nostalgia.It was the famous Lady D of Christian Dior, which Princess Diana took in the last year of her life several times.

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In the images that were taken upon arrival at the popular concert in Central Park, it could be seen that Meghan wore the famous bag.Christian Dior's coat, apparently a modification of the one in his parade, and Valentino's dress with floral motiffirst years of glory in the 90s.

This is the Medium Lady D-Lite Bag, which in its simplest version can be obtained for $ 4,900 (about $ 98,502 Mexican pesos).And it is that Meghan's was a special version, because Meghan's followers realized that it was not any specimen but is customized with the DSSOS initials (Duchess of Sussex).

El bolso personalizado de Meghan con un guiño a la Princesa Diana

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The loop between this bag and princess Diana

Meghan is not only.The bag that Meghan chose for this appearance is one that was baptized in honor of the princess a year before her tragic death.Before Diana fell to the charm of the bag with short handles, the model was known as Chouchou, but after in 1996 the princess took him several times, the name Lady D was granted, which he has so far.

Through the images of that year, you can see that Princess Diana had the bag in at least three different versions, some larger, other more girls, some in her traditional version, such as the one that Meghan wore, and others,In its leather version, as well as one more in navy blue.Apparently, the princess fell to this versatile model that led in London, Liverpool and even on her trip to Argentina, after receiving her first copy as a gift from the first lady of France, in 1995, when she still did not go out to thesale.

That was not the first time in which a bag was called a princess.Before this happened, Hermès Kelly's bag received his name by Grace Kelly in Monaco.Twenty years after this bag was designed, Alberto Mónaco's wife was photographed with him trying to cover his pregnancy, from there the model would adopt his famous name with which he has reached popularity around the world.

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