Loewe skates with the Cruz sisters' collection. The bag that seems low-cost?


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A few weeks ago we told you that the Cruz sisters (Penélope and Mónica) had jointly designed a bag for the famous Spanish firm Loewe. If a few years ago they did it for Mango and it didn't work in the best possible way, everything suggests that Loewe bags won't be very successful either. The photos of the campaign are quite good, something that on the other hand is quite negative when you see the bag in person, because it loses a lot. This weekend I was able to see the Cruz bag up close and I wanted to share all my impressions with you.

Loewe did not get off to a very good start (in my opinion) with the launch of the Cruz bag with the campaign made by fashion blogger Alexandra Pereira, from the blog LovelyPepa, with her sister. I did not understand very well the public to which the Spanish firm wanted to direct its €1,800 bags, since Alexandra usually wears a lot of “low-cost” clothes. This, together with the polka dots that adorn part of the collection, makes it childish and very distant from the public that Loewe has conquered for many years. If a few years ago they seduced the more alternative public with the fluorine collection, perhaps this collection is aimed at clients with a more childish and sweet side, that is the only reason I can find.

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Loewe patina con la colección de las hermanas Cruz. ¿El bolso que parece low-cost?

At the first moment I saw the bag in a photograph I thought it was quite nice, especially the black one, but I was very disappointed to see it a few centimeters away. While the plain ones are still the cutest in the entire collection, the polka dot ones leave a lot to be desired. Not because of the quality that Loewe always has with him, but because of the appearance that the colored polka dots, which contrast a lot, give the bag. It gives the feeling that it is a bag from any "low-cost" store because you don't place those prints so marked in a firm with touches as classic as Loewe.

It is true that the assembly of the shop windows of the firm's stores taking advantage of the launch of the bag designed by the actresses has been a success. They have turned the shop windows into authentic circus stages full of elephants and panda bears showing the most characteristic bags and accessories of the moment. This once again shows that this campaign is much more childish than on other occasions. Will they want to position the Cruz sisters' bag among the younger audience?

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