Heart The mishap of Letizia that exposes the interior of her bag: What did the queen wear inside?

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It was the last act of Letizia (49 years) in Sweden before embarking on the trip back to Spain.A kissing in the Spanish embassy in which, accompanied by Queen Silvia (77), he greeted different personalities.A simple appointment that took a 180 -degree turn when the Spanish monarch fell to the ground, opening and leaving part of its content..

Despite her speed, she crouched down to pick her up everything, Felipe VI's wife (53) could not prevent two articles from being seen: a black mobile phone and a beauty product.It is precisely this article that has awakened the most curiosity and everyone has tried to find out what it is.

Because of its shape, color and size, a probable option is that it is a barrier in bar.And not any one, but the corrector stick bags and dark circles of Deliplus, that is, from Mercadona.An article that does not cost more than four euros and that due to its container may resemble a lipstick, hence it can cause sensation.

Letizia bent down to personally collect the items that came out of her bag.Telecinco

Although the queen can have any beauty product that you want, it is of the brand, in recent times it has opted for low cost firms and national brands, so it is not crazy to think that Mercadona is part of its routine ofdaily beauty.

Solved the small incident, in which he received the help of four people from his work team and the Swedish royal palace, Letizia continued the greetings as if nothing had happened, showing great professionalism.

Corazón El percance de Letizia que deja al descubierto el interior de su bolso: ¿qué llevaba la Reina dentro?

However, he chose to leave the bag aside to avoid a new accident.This is a piece that has been in his closet for many years and is signed by the designer Lidia Faro.It is made of green python leather and is of type on.

He combined it with a mother in Spain from the Sevillian firm Cherubina, the same as the red headdress with which he surprised upon his arrival in the Nordic country.And although the design sat like a glove, the most special of look were the earrings, some impressive black diamonds of the Grisogono firm.

The kings of Sweden say goodbye to Felipe and Letizia.Gtres

After the besamanos in the embassy, Felipe and Letizia set up to the Stockholm airport, where they were fired with honors.To say goodbye, in addition to a great parade of military gala dresses, were also the kings Carlos Gustavo (75) and Silvia, along with those who starred in a beautiful print that evidences the great relationship between the two royal houses.

State trip

On Tuesday, November 23, the Kings were heading to Sweden to star in a state visit that has lasted two days, until Thursday 25.The first of the acts took place on the afternoon of the same Tuesday, with the assistance to a reception to the Spanish community at the Ambassador residence.An appointment in which Letizia monopolized the eyes for her look, since she wore bright fantasy stockings that she had never chosen before.

Letizia con el vestido de la firma H&M.Gtres

But it was the next day, the 24 in the morning, when he really surprised thanks to a very colorful set composed of a layer of camel wool -who premiered that day -, dressed by Carolina Herrera and Coral de Cherubina headdress.

Apenas unas horas después, Letizia se enfundaba un vestido de la low cost sueca H&M para la cena de gala ofrecida que los reyes suecos ofrecían en el Palacio Real de Estocolmo.An elegant dress from the Conscious Exclusive collection with a gala design, length made in semi -transparent black tulle that had already looked before Victoria in Sweden (44) and that is priced at 299 euros.

During the morning of the last day of the trip, Felipe VI's wife resorted to her closet bottom to choose a delicate pink piece of the designer Pedro del Hierro, fitted in the body and with a flight skirt.A very Lady style that left aside to release the already commented Cherubina dress.

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