Can airlines collect hand luggage?This says the law in Mexico

Recently, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office (Profeco) placed suspension stamps on the counters of the Vivaaerobus and Volaris airlines at the airports of San Luis Potosí and Puerto Vallarta receivable the hand luggage.

Subsequently, Profeco launched a warning for the second time to Mexican airlines so that they do not charge the hand luggage and pointed out that if they do not, they may be creditor of legal actions.

However, given such a situation, the airlines appealed before the decision of the Profeco and assured that they comply with the law, having the hand luggage in their base rate, pointing out that each passenger is mentioned the specifications of his flight andquipage.

Given this situation, a main issue arises, what does the law on the current situation of the airlines say?

First article 47 bis, section IX, third paragraph of the Civil Aviation Law, defines as a hand article what “the passenger can carry in the cabin up to two pieces of hand luggage.The dimensions of each will be up to 55 centimeters long by 40 centimeters wide by 25 centimeters high, and the weight of both should not exceed 10 kilograms."

In the same way, Profeco recalled that the decision to transport documented luggage - which travels in a behavior in the plane's belly - is a passenger's decision, while hand suitcases are inherent in the air transport service.

¿Las aerolíneas pueden cobrar el equipaje de mano? Esto dice la ley en México

“La aerolíneas “Viva Aerobus" y “Volaris", no cumplen con las disposiciones antes señaladas, porque no respetan el derecho a transportar el equipaje de mano en todas sus tarifas, puesto que el derecho lo “reconocen" señaló la Profeco en un comunicado publicado el día de hoy.

He also stressed article 47 of the Aviation Law that he mentions: the concessionaire or permitier is obliged to provide a quality and efficient service to all its passengers. Para garantizar lo anterior, deberá respetar y cumplir con cuando menos los siguientes derechos del pasajero (…) En caso de que el pasajero decida viajar sin equipaje, el concesionario o permisionario podrá ofertar una tarifa preferencial en beneficio del pasajero".

On the other hand, on October 14, the head of the Profeco, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, said that the illegal collection of hand luggage by the airlines was already worked on the issue of the airlines.

“For about 60 or 90 days, all airlines unilaterally and illegally decided that the basic rate does not include your hand luggage. Cuando la ley, específicamente lo señala, y tenemos en proceso resoluciones judiciales que lo respaldan así, y así interpretan la ley", expresó el funcionario federal durante el evento El Desarrollo del Sector Turístico a Partir de la Normalización.

Rights when traveling by plane:

Among some rights that users have when traveling on an airplane, Profeco details:

- Rates and prices: the airline must make known the terms and conditions applicable when buying the ticket.

- Payment of compensation and compensation: They must be covered in a maximum period of 10 calendar days after the claim, except food.

- Delay or delay: the causes or reasons for the delay or delay of the flight must be informed by electronic means or passenger attention modules.

What to do if you charge your hand luggage?

In the event that the airline is not complying with these rules, a complaint can be filed in a Profeco care module, located at the Mexico City International Airport, from Monday to Sunday from 07:30 to 20:30hours.

You can also go to one of the consumer defense offices (ODECO).You can call: 55-55-68-87-22.Office schedule: 08:30 hours to 3:00 p.m..