British Minister of Health caught kissing and grobing an assistant

First some messages came to light in which the "Premier" Boris Johnson called him "fucking useless".Then Queen Elizabeth II described him as "a poor man".But this Friday has been the tabloid "The Sun" who has given the lace by publishing on cover some photos of his "affire" with his main advisor.It is definitely not the summer of the head of Health, Matt Hancock.

The minister, married and father of three children, has canceled an act that was planned in a vaccination center while fighting to keep his post after the stir created to the photographs shown this Friday "The Sun".The images, belonging to the safety cameras of the corridors of his office, show him passionately kissing his main advisor, Gina Coladangelo, also married and mother of three children.This is a millionaire married to Oliver Tress, founder of the well -known Oliver Bonas clothing brand.Hancock and Coladangelo are known since university years.And she was hired in March last year as an advisor to the minister.

Downing Street has conversations about its future, although a source has revealed to the press that Hancock still hopes to survive.The question is whether Boris Johnson will be able to fire him after his particular and busy love life, where an alleged four -year adventure with the American businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri, whom she used as an advisor while she was mayor of London.

El ministro de Sanidad británico pillado besando y manoseando a una asistente

Apparently, Hancock's "affair" was an open secret within the ministry.The images were taken on May 6.When Grant Shapps, Minister of Transportation, have asked this Friday, if the security distances had been "ignored," he replied: "I am quite sure that the rules were followed at that time"."I will not comment on the private life of another person, that's for them," he said.

Government guidelines for England about hugging friends who are not part of the family nucleus establish that people can exercise "personal judgment" about it, but they must be cautious.From Health, they also defend that the hiring of Coladangelo as an advisor followed the legal guidelines.

British Minister of Health Matt Hancock has had breakfast this morning with the cover of "The Sun" in which some photos of him appear kissing and hugging his main assistant.

Hancock has been in the spotlight since the beginning of the pandemic for its erratic management.It has been criticized harshly for the lack of transparency of the contracts signed during the first months of the health crisis.

The Labor Party, who in February accused the government of "friendism" by granting millions of pounds in contracts related to the pandemic, has asked that an investigation be opened and that the minister be separated from the position."Ministers, like everyone else, have the right to a private life," said a Labor spokesman."However, when it comes to taxpayers' money or jobs are offered to close friends with whom a personal relationship is maintained, we must investigate it".

The popular British newspaper has not explained how the images of the security cameras have obtained, but cited a complainant when commenting on the publication.

"The Sun" details that Hancock met his assistant at the University of Oxford in the early 2000s.She appears on the website of the Department of Health as non -executive director.

Hancock has previously been criticized for its management of the Coronavirus pandemic, particularly in the first months when it had problems to deliver protection equipment for health personnel that treated patients with COVID-19.