Belinda received this luxurious bag at Christmas;How much does it cost to have it?

The romance between Belinda and Christian Nodal has given the couple a strong boost in terms of their positioning in social networks and marketing.

The presence that both have in the media is that their Instagram stories have become one of the priority points for products of products.

In spite.

The 14 million 500 thousand users who are pending what the singer uploads is a market that few brands dare to ignore, but of which many cannot pay.

The Christmas season was the perfect excuse for many companies to promote themselves with the singer, especially since many were pending how Belinda and Christian Nodal would celebrate these end of the year dates.

What did Prada win the singer?

Belinda recibió esta LUJOSA bolsa en Navidad; ¿cuánto cuesta tenerla?

One of the most recent strategies to obtain advertising is to give some gift to the most public influencers.In the case of Prada, he decided to give the star one of his best -sought -sought -sought bags of the season.

This is the Prada Cleo bag with metal color applications, which has a value of three thousand 300 dollars (about 68 thousand 46 pesos) and is currently exhausted for some brand's online stores.

This piece was created based on satin and was adorned with crystals of different size.It has an adjustable strap and a magnetic closure.

In addition to this, the star, who recently visited a group of children with cancer to give them toys, received a game of Christmas spheres with the brand logo, as well as a couple more accessories that will be used by the businesswoman.

It is common that in these exchanges the influencer also asks for a monetary amount, which is paid to its account and can be enjoyed along with the products that are sent to it, although there are also cases in which the public figure only uploads the productBecause it is your liking and that guarantees that more brands send other articles.

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