Why are chocolate diamonds so expensive

Why are chocolate diamonds so expensive

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Rihanna wore a 130 necklace.000 Diamond chocolate dollars in the 2019 Grammy.And this slope of Diamonds chocolate that J-Lo likes to borrow: just over 16.000 dollars.But not long ago, when brown diamonds did not step on a red carpet, they were sold for six times lower prices than they do today.So what has changed?

Why are chocolate diamonds so expensive?

Diamonds acquire their color by the way they are created, and even when it is a strange element that forms the carbon body.Like boron, which gives diamonds a beautiful blue tone, or if it gives the chance that has been close to a natural radiation source, it will make it seem more greenish.Whatever the reason, diamonds are an rainbow of bright and beautiful colors, and then there are brown diamonds.

For centuries, brown diamonds were very cheap.They used to be those of low quality and had many imperfections, so that the jewelers did not love them, especially when they could use brighter pink, blue or yellow diamonds.Instead, brown diamonds were used as tools for drilling rocks and cutting glass.

But in 1986, the Argyle mine opened its doors.Today, it produces more diamonds than any other mine in the world, most of them are brown diamonds.And although it has been said that the quality of Argyle's stones is not up to their production, companies have managed to find a market.A particular company is Le Vian Corp.

Eddie Levian: We found that these beautiful diamonds of a natural and elegant brown were leaving the Argyle mine of Australia, and that they were very little appreciated.

Por qué son tan caros los diamantes de chocolate

Narrator: This is Eddie Levian.It is the CEO of Levian Corp.Levian recorded the Chocolate Diamonds brand in 2000, which gave him a monopoly in the market of these diamonds, in particular, called brown diamonds.Shortly after this brand change, Diamonds chocolate took off.Google searches for "Diamond Chocolate" went from a virtual zero in 2007 to 400.000 in 2014.And the more popular they turned, the more value they earned.

Eddie Levian: The price of "chocolate diamonds" have tripled this period of time.

Narrator: In the 80s and 90s, brown diamonds with Gema quality were worth around 1.500 dollars the kilate, but now many are already sold for up to 10.000 dollars el quilate.And the price of the largest stones has increased even more, up to 25 times, Vian is not the only company that has tried to change the name of brown diamonds.Jewelry as Zales have called it with other names such as champagne, cognac and cappuccino, but the name that has been imposed has been "chocolate".Given his success, we asked Eddie how the name arose.

Eddie Levian: With the word "Chocolate" many people think: "Oh, yes, because they are brown, so they put chocolate", but the reality is that a friend of mine, Bill Furman, who used to come every day after work toVisiting me, always brought me craft chocolates and always talked about the special properties of chocolate, its health benefits, how an aphrodisiac is, and I began to understand how the crazy chocolate are crazy about this food.So when we did the branding of "chocolate diamonds", what we really wanted was to connect with the passion that people have, the obsession that people have with chocolate.

Narrator: Vian says that only four percent of brown diamonds meet their requirements.The diamond needs to have a specific form, between C-4 and C-6 on the industry color scale.It would be a little more milk chocolate than black chocolate.Once the right stones are ready, it is time to make jewels, which increases the total cost.To see it more closely, we visited the Suna Bros jewelry company in New York.

Jon King: Many years ago, diamond carver began to experiment with different ways of carving the facets of these diamonds that did not seem too dark, and that allowed light to penetrate and reflect, which gave them all these wonderful sensations.

Narrator: But chocolate diamonds may be more difficult to get in the future.There has been talk that the Argyle mine is running out of diamonds.However, John does not believe that this gets in the path of his growing popularity.

Jon King: It would seem to even when mining cannot continue to be practiced in Argyle, the bases and interest in a wide range of colored diamonds exist exists, and this will certainly end up incorporating brown diamonds and probably end up growing more.