They order the dismissal of the director of General Services of the SEV for an act of discrimination against women

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Xalapa, Ver.- On the instructions of the Governor of the State of Veracruz, Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares, Luis Antonio Ávalos Amaya was dismissed as Director of General Services of the Secretary of Education of Veracruz for failing to respect women's rights.

After this Wednesday employees of the Secretary of Education of Veracruz uploaded to the networks a letter issued by the aforementioned official where women are asked to wear formal clothing and to stop selling their products through catalogs among other things, the Governor ordered the immediate dismissal of the architect Luis Antonio Ávalos Amaya, former director of General Services of the same dependency.

The statement issued by the governor says the following:

"The Government of Veracruz categorically disapproves of any expression that denigrates people." Governor Yunes is respectful of Human Rights and Gender Equality, for which he has taken energetic measures to prevent the repetition of any act of discrimination ».

Through the Directorate of General Services, headed by Luis Antonio Ávalos Amaya, official letter No. SEV/OM/DSG-0136/2017 was issued to department heads, office heads and area heads indicating that "by superior instructions and with the purpose that the personnel attached to this Directorate under my charge adhere to their work schedule, in order to achieve the necessary conditions of equity that allow the best performance of their work, be it the conduit to communicate to you the following:

Ordenan cese del director de Servicios Generales de la SEV por acto de discriminación contra mujeres

The points indicated in the official letter are: “it is the strict responsibility of the public servant in charge of the area and/or office, who supervises that the personnel under his charge remain in his work area during the established hours”.

"It is essential that the head of the area and/or office supervise that the personnel under his charge arrive on time for work and avoid unnecessary departures from his work area with breakfast arguments."

It also establishes that "staff with hours from 09:00 to 18:00, will have a break from work to eat food only from 15:00 to 16:00".

The official letter indicates that the staff who hold a double position, with hours from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. "will have to cover the full days of their keys according to their administrative situation."

Likewise, “the personnel in their charge, in particular female, will be made aware that they must dress with decorum as established by the office protocol, as well as that their work area is not a beauty salon, crafts, aisle sales, etc".

Finally, it is indicated that “the owners of the areas and/or offices will be responsible for the application of the aforementioned provisions, and must guarantee that the fulfillment of the established services is not affected; likewise, to inform the personnel of the area under their charge, that they do not want or cannot adjust to the indicated schedules, they may choose to relocate to their original assigned area and/or, where appropriate, another administrative area, so that the necessary measures are taken for its due compliance

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