The Septum, Nose Art

From Rihanna to Bad Bunny.There is no famous who resists complementing his style with piercings.The causes of this trend are fashion weeks, having left behind the idea that these accessories are only for those who are linked to punk movements.

Gucci and Chanel, in fact, have given much to talk in their 2022 collections, and that both firms have opted for piercings as the protagonists of their jewelry.

The so -called Septum (the one that goes in the nose) is imposed by the Italian brand with a very glamorous aesthetic that is conquering celebrities and influencers.

So that, if nothing prevents it, this piercing will mark the fashion pulse in the following seasons.

How to take it?Who can do it?What care must be taken?These and other doubts we clears them with professionals, so that I consider them before drilling.

It is not suitable for everyone

The septum is named for the area where it is placed: the septum, which separates the two nostrils, so that the drilling is done in the skin that remains just below.

As with all piercings, although topical is used, there are those who say that it is very painful and others who feel absolutely nothing.

As Cindy Parra explains, drilling with twenty -four years of experience, not all are suitable for using this type of accessory.“It is preferable that people with allergies (rhinitis, sinusitis, etc..) Because of the constant mucus that there is and being frictioning the nose can hurt the piercing area.Likewise, those who practice contact sports and are prone to any blow in that place should avoid it.And even swimmers, since after drilling you cannot have contact with the pool or sea water for at least three weeks ”.

El septum, arte en la nariz

It also warns that it is also not indicated to use them if any previous surgical intervention was had."Minimum must wait a year to perform drilling".

In case you are suitable for septum, it is important to choose a good reputation professional."Being a fashion, it is believed that anyone can do this perforation, but you have to consider that the nose is a very sensitive area and it is better to avoid risks," he clarifies.

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In the market there are many rings, from the simplest to more artistic models that already become jewels.

“The important thing is to drill with high quality materials, such as Titanio.And if you have more budget, there is the option of gold, ”suggests.And as for the design, the size that best goes with each face must be chosen.You can try the classic versions ranging from the horseshoe or small rings, to the most fashionistas.

Care is the key

As with any piercing, subsequent care is essential to avoid unwanted infections.

"The ideal is gently cleaning with saline solution and sterilized gauze to eliminate any accumulation of dirt," says Parra.“This must be done twice a day, until the drilling has completely heal.The estimated time is six months ".

However, there are those who forget hygiene care.

According to the aesthetic surgeon Martha Naranjo, in those cases the consequences are usually painful."If there is no hygiene, an infection is triggered.In general, these patients come with the inflamed zone to the point that they do not support any friction.Then, topical anesthesia should be applied to be able to remove piercing and then recipe antibiotic to heal the area ”.

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Also, before hurrying to carry a very quirky jewel like piercing, the key is to investigate a little.

According to Naranjo, “a large jewel can cause a fall in the tip of the nose with time.However, at the aesthetic level it is possible to make corrections with hyaluronic acid or tension threads, whose effects last six months.But if you want long -term results, surgery will be the definitive option ".

Therefore, the ideal is to opt for delicate designs and take care of the hygiene of the area.Although the latter is tedious, avoiding infections is better than having to completely remove piercing.

He must know...

The septum piercing enjoyed great popularity in the 90s and was always accompanied by a rebel touch that fit perfectly with the post punk era.

However, fashion has been responsible for giving it more fashionistas today.