The "new reality" of weddings in pandemic

Adjust plans and change the routine have been the biggest challenges we have faced during the Covid-19 pandemic. The world had a 180-degree turn.The daily life changed, the celebrations began to collect another meaning.Birthdays, degrees, weddings and all events that involve agglomerations had to cancel, postpone or simply reinvent themselves in a more intimate environment.

Some marriages, for example, have only celebrated the civil ceremony or in other cases the religious, postponing the party for when restrictions are raised.Whatever the case, cancellations have meant a "disgust" or "headache" for boyfriends, families and friends.Needless to say the halls and restaurants where they would be held, because they have had to face as the sudden cancellation with the "full refrigerators" have been able.

What to take into account to marry pandemic?

La “nueva realidad” de las bodas en pandemia

The Wedding Planner Adriana Carmona explained that in Coronavirus times the trends that mark are intimate weddings, or the boutique, or you and me (bride and more a photographer).

“Boutique weddings now mark the trend.They are those that show us a return to the basics.The commitment to something more relaxed, in which you can count on five to 50 people in the celebration, creating an event with more intimacy and symbolism for the bride and groom, ”says‘ Adry Carmona EP ’director.

The expert assures that in this area they do not enter “those guests for commitment.The bride and groom are much more selective, taking care of the details.They gain emotion, closeness and trust. ”

For her part, Laura Maiguel, director of "laura Maiguel Events "in Barranquilla, says" has been a drastic change. "

“We find boyfriends who prefer to postpone him because they continue with the same dream of making a super big party, with the budgeted details for their wedding;And there are those who definitely want to marry the time they had estimated.Now what was for 100 or more guests becomes more personalized for a small group of 50 that is allowed, including logistics.In the churches only two people sit down and in the celebration you can't dance. ”