The most cool studios to make a piercing on CDMX

Piercing any part of the body is an ancestral practice that is much more than something aesthetic.If you are thinking of making your first or next piercing, you know what we are talking about.Surely it has a more important meaning for you and it is important that you do it in the most careful and controlled environment possible.It is also better a place where the pieces are of quality and have a beautiful design.So we collect the best studios to make a piercing in the CDMX.

We have the step by step to keep your new healthy piercing

Not only are they very cool spaces, but they have the best expert artists who will ensure that your piercings are perfectly and exactly how you wanted them.All these spaces have the necessary health measures for you to do it.In many they also tattoo, if you are interested in exploring that option.

P&ink Studio

Los Studios más cool para hacerse un piercing en CDMX

Addresses: Prado Norte 439 2⁰ Floor, Lomas de Chapultepec bitterness 5, San Ángel Edgar Allan Poe 94, Web Polycositio:

NJC Galerie

Address: Monte Everest 760 D, Lomas de Chapultepectel: 55 2952 4377 Sitio Web: Instragram


ADDRESS: ELISEOS CAMPOS 305, POLANCOTEL: 55 4130 3673 SITE Web: Instagram

We love this jewelry for piercings!

Study 184

Address: Colima 184, Romatel: 55 4755 5123 Web Site:


Address: Tamaulipas 67, Condesatel: 55 5055 1744 Web Set: Instagram

Ónix study

Address: London 28, Juárez Tel: 55 5566 4999 Website: