The clock on the Obelisk once again marks the time in A Coruña

A Coruña

Thanks to José Antonio, from Postventa Relojeros, and David, from Relojería Nemesio, the reference clock of A Coruña returns to mark the hours at the gates of Christmas.

Its repair began in November and is part of the plan of the Council of A Coruña to fine-tune different clocks in the city. From Relojería Nemesio they are usually in charge of setting the time of the City Hall.

Regarding the failure of the Obelisk, José and David understand that "after so many years their time had come." "We had to work hard to bring it back to life. The most expensive thing was the reconstruction of some piece, that was the true pharaonic work," they explain.

After disassembling the spheres and the machinery, and the subsequent replacement of the pieces, it was time to readjust and set the time, and in Hoy por Hoy A Coruña we have heard the sound of the pendulum that is hidden in the base, behind the door that gives access to the interior of this monument inaugurated in 1895.

Watchmakers with history

The Obelisk clock strikes again the A Coruña time

José Antonio, from Posventa Relojeros, has been in the profession since he was 17 years old and two years ago, he started with monumental jewelry: "Our strength is the technical service of smaller watches, this is more of a hobby, watches like these You give them a lot of time and you do it with a lot of love."

David, from Relojería Nemesio, is part of the third generation of a family of watchmakers and highlights the importance of the repair team: "This is not a job for a single person, it is a chain and if a single link failed it would be impossible ; Colleagues, artisans and artists, who always put a grain of sand and more for the conservation of such an important piece of our heritage as the Obelisk".

And a firefighter

The two of them highlight the work of Juan, a firefighter from A Coruña who is a member of the team: "he handles the gondola with the same precision with which we handle the tweezers of watches."