Disney +'s best romantic films

Disney +'s best romantic films

They can't tell us otherwise: the best romantic films are a good medicine for dark times.If you do not agree, you have never had a horrible day that has really been solved with the magic of Nora Ephron's scripts.Even the romantic films that have a sad ending are able to lift our mood.Or even the romantic movies that are horror help, although no one would say they are love (but they are).

The romantic films are designed to offer us the recipe for happiness, with sound bands by Sam Cooke, The Cranberries, Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone...They are tapes created to stimulate mood and become films that put you in a good mood and are also able to become film classics yesterday, today and always.They resemble that friend in which we can always trust and that we also like because it is always the last, like those recent romantic comedies that are responsible for laughing a little of the classic, but that in reality they are on their way to be as essential asThose who have cemented the genre (and are full of topics).

And if there is a channel specialized in the best romantic comedies to sweeten any afternoon, that is Disney+.Although we quickly identify it with animation films, on its 'streaming' platform, more and more powerful, we can find some of the best titles of all time.And also some of those who have been forgotten but worth remembering to expand our film culture.

Las 12 mejores películas románticas de Disney+

Among the classics, we stayed with the beautiful 'Smiles and Tears', a film that in addition to offering us a beautiful story between Maria and Captain Von Trapp, offers a great history lesson that teaches all the evils of Nazism, but to compensate for thisPain, has fascinating musical numbers.Also as classic, 'one, two, three could be classified...Splash! ', The film with which Tom Hanks was made known world.

Disney+ has also left great romantic jewels in the field of animation.This is the case of 'Wall-E', one of Pixar's best films, which has left deep mark with the love story between Wall-E and Eve.Or 'The beautiful and the beast', the first animated tape nominated for an Oscar for the best film, in which the intelligent beautiful fell in love with a beast that hid a wreed prince and that taught us all that of "beauty is in the heart".To enjoy.