Suarez will launch his first collection for men, because "more and more boys who want to wear jewels" are more and more

"Hemos conectado con el mundo de la cultura porque es nuestra forma de reivindicar que la joyería es un arte. Al menos así es en Joyería Suárez", afirma Gabriel Suárez, director creativo de la firma.Suárez lanzará su primera colección para hombre, porque Suárez lanzará su primera colección para hombre, porque

It was in Bilbao, in 1943, when Emiliano Suárez Faffian opened the first jewelry store in the city, a small 20-square-meter store that has become one of the most prestigious firms in the sector.

His grandson Gabriel Suárez has traveled to Seville for the opening of the new boutique of the firm in the English Court of San Juan de Aznalfarache, the third in the Andalusian capital.

The union with the world of culture has led them to create collections with Antonio Muñoz Molina, James Jean, Guillermo Pérez Villalta or Pedro Almodóvar, inspired by the movie distant heels."We have turned those pieces of jewelry into a very high jewelry," says Gabriel.

Laetitia Casta, Nieves Álvarez or Martina Klein have been the image of the firm, and Sofia de Habsburg or Isabel Preysler, their ambassadors.

Suarez was chosen in 2004 to create the commitment jewels of the then princes of Asturias, "an honor and prestige.But it is also an honor to be in all the weddings and important events of any person ".

In 2017 they launched Frida, designed by Sandra Rojo -team member -, collection based on the iconography of the Mexican altars of the Day of the Dead."We wanted those amulets to become jewels that connected with emotions, not only beautiful jewels, but would tell a story".The famous skulls are located in the jewel lining, "to take care of the piece also inside.Who carries it is who knows it, "he explains.

Gabriel Suárez reveals to Loc that "for the first time in our history we will launch in 2022 a collection of man.I can't even count anything at the creative level.TWINS AND WATCHES We already have, but now there will be pieces such as rings or bracelets.It is more jewelry.We will keep in it the essence and elegance of Suárez ".

Suárez lanzará su primera colección para hombre, porque

The idea arises because "there are already men who also want to have jewelry.In England or the United States it is very common in boys.Not so much here, but that niche exists.We will enhance it, and I think that in a few years more and more will be the boys that carry jewels ".

What jewel did Gabriel wear?"I'm not the best example, I find it very difficult to put things on my wrist or neck.I would put something good but very sober ".

Emiliano and Benito Suárez are the presidents of the firm;Gabriel and Juan - children's children - are the creative directors of Suárez and Aristocrazy, respectively.The elder, Emiliano, does not work in the family business.

Since childhood, the brothers lived surrounded"That word does not just like it, sometimes it seems exclusive.We have lived with that craft and know how to do, the love and passion that my father put in his work.For breathing all that, my brother Juan and I have ended up working in the family business.I remember my father surrounded by sapphires, diamonds...It is a very attractive world, with a pressure for beauty, a pamper for the detail that makes you want to be part of it ".

At 42, Gabriel Suárez comments that his father "has delegated and confident in us, contributing a lot of experience.He is still the last filter, because he has a brutal clinical eye.In jewelry, a tenth of a millimeter makes the difference, the precision is key.That is the great contribution of my father, the obsession with detail and because we all have the same level of demand ".

The founder of the firm - his grandfather, who died in a traffic accident - taught them that they should control the entire process."We had to design everything we manufactured.Buy the raw material at source, to eliminate intermediaries and get the best quality-price.Have your own workshops.Honesty.If we buy very well, which is reflected in the client ".

A high jewelry that differentiates Suárez from his little sister, Aristocrazy."It is also jewelry, but the crafts and raw material of Suárez are much higher.Aristocrazy is more influenced by fashion;Suarez no, because our pieces have to be timeless, so that whoever buys a jewel of this price remains equally happy with her within 20 years ".

Gabriel studied journalism, is the spokesman for Suarez and directs the creatives."I am a man but in my team they are all women.I have my criteria, but I let myself advise.There is a balance between that male part of the family, knowing how to do and dedicate ourselves to this all our lives, and the powerful influence of a team of women that gives us energy and balance between maturity and fresh blood ".

In his spare time, Gabriel enjoys his hobbies."I love art, I have participated as a commissioner in some exhibition in Madrid.I also have many friends in the world of wine, I have even made some experience, I have harmed for me, it catches my attention a lot.More than crazy food, I'm crazy from the world of wine ".

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