Spain will have 700 military in the limits of NATO with Russia

Spain will have 700 military in the limits of NATO with Russia

The Russian threat on Ukraine has reheated the geographical limits of NATO in the east.Spain has allocated 700 military to the various missions that the Atlantic Alliance has open in border allied countries with Russia.

These are relays and reinforcements that were already planned, but that have advanced in the calendar for the current crisis situation in the face of Russian threats.Military sources explain to the avant-garde that the advancement of the dates and that the missions are completed with the maximum personnel for which they were designed- unlike other occasions- are the main novelties, beyond the delicate circumstances in whichThey cover.

Eurofighters to Bulgaria

The Air Army has been starring in the east of those called "Air Police" for several years.They consist in collaborating with allied nations in the patrol of their airspace when their capacities for it are limited or null.Now, send four to Bulgaria.

That's where Eurofighter come into play;A hunt manufactured by a consortium of European companies and that is part of the fleets of a large number of countries in the continent."That is one of the advantages of this device, its interoperability," an experienced pilot explains to this newspaper.

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Eurofighter: the army hunt that will support NATO in the Black Sea

Javier Ortega Figueiral

This European hunting model has an integrated radar with the very sophisticated weapons system.It is able to shoot two whites at the same time or monitor several whites at the same time.In addition, the pilot has a representation of the plane systems in the helmet viewer.The forecast is that about 80 troops are displaced between pilots and land personnel.

España tendrá 700 militares en los límites de la OTAN con Rusia

The Air Police missions such as those that will develop these four devices in Bulgaria have been repeated year after year since the Baltic Republics and other East Allies asked NATO support after the invasion of Crimea for the Russians.Thus, most likely Spanish fighters will return to Lithuania or Romania where they were deployed for the first time last year.

Leopard in the cold Latvia

Among the commitments that have acquired with NATO, Spain deploys four armored leopard 2E carriers in the leta.

The Leopardo 2E is a armored combat car that, as a Spanish military deployed in Latvia in 2017 -explained to La Vanguard.

Its crew is four troops, although it also requires a large maintenance equipment.In global, and within a mission that has been active for more than three years, the Army has deployed in Latvia to 350 Spanish military.

Leopard 2E, in combat order, weighs 63 tons, is the jewel of the Army of Earth in battle vehicles.The level of protection is precisely one of the characteristics that define this originally German design weapon.

The protection conferred by the leopard 2e achieves it through its powerful armor."It has enormous capacity to resist enemy fire impacts," explains a specialist to this newspaper.

In addition, the car shows huge maneuverability, and not only because it reaches 70 kilometers per hour.It has traction chains and a 1 engine.500 horsepower that greatly facilitate movements and displacements in the theater of operations.

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The new cold war that freezes the Baltic

Enrique FigueredoAdazi (Letonia)

La Blas de Lezo (F-103) will be incorporated into a naval group commanded by an Italian ship that will also have Canadian, Turkish and Greeks ships under its command.

The frigates such as the Blas de Lezo have a sophisticated American manufacturing combat system especially aimed at aerial detection and defense.He is able to detect an objective, monitor, "host it and, if necessary, carry out her neutralization," an experienced military sailor explains to this newspaper.

The 100 series frigates are provided with a flight and hangar deck and their endow.

Even more modern is the BAM (maritime action ship) meteor that the Navy will also send to the Black Mediterranean and Sea area within another of NATO's fixed missions, in this case the so-called SNMCMG-2 with Missions of Cazaminas.

The meteor is incorporated into the mission as a ship of the Cazaminas group composed of Italian, Turks and Germans.The BAM have a totally automated weapons system.The selection of whites and its follow -up is done in a totally remote way without personnel on deck and all this at high speed.Everything is carried out from the ship's information and combat center.From there the canyon that the ship and all its machine guns are commanded.

The personnel required in the Blas de Lezo is much less than that of a frigate.Thus, it has an endowment of 45 troops, plus another 20 of embarked personnel such as security members or air unit.

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