Liverpool ‘will look’ better sales with suburbia in the second half of 2018

Liverpool ‘will look’ better sales with suburbia in the second half of 2018

Liverpool will see better results in its sales during the second half of 2018, for the incorporation of suburbia clothing and footwear stores, which acquired Walmart in 2016 in 2016.

“In the second semester of 2018 we project a recovery of the growth of sales same stores (VMT) at 6.7%, since Suburbia will enter the base of the same stores when the 12 -month cycle ends in April and the growth of real salary becomes positive, ”said the Citibanamex financial group in a document.

For the second year of integration, it is expected that the chain of clothing and shoes stores contribute outside the operating flow (EBITDA) of Liverpool for the improvement of the sales mixture through more footwear, jewelry and cosmetics and the best practices ofPrivate brand lines, add the Bolsa house.

Although the announcement of the transaction was in 2016, until April 2017 Liverpool concluded the purchase of suburbia, in an operation that was around 15.7 billion pesos, including a debt of 1,400 million in the form of capitalizable leases that the company assumedof pink logo.

Liverpool ‘lucirá’ mejores ventas con Suburbia en segunda mitad de 2018

At the time, Amanda Bourlier, a senior analyst at the Euromonitor International Research Agency, said that the purchase of suburbia would improve Liverpool's position against low -income consumers to media.

Suburbia, like the brand belonging to the pink logo company, factories in France, are oriented to consumers of the middle and average middle class groups, while the Liverpool brand is directed to the upper class groups.

"The acquisition of suburbia largely reinforces the position of Liverpool as a dominant figure in the Mexican retail scene," said Bourlier.

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