Invoice 15 million when patenting the double suspension of mountain bicycles

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A company based in Elche (Alicante) has billed about 15 million euros the last season after patenting a double suspension system that improves the safety and driving of the mountain bike.

The Ilicitana Company Mondraker has opted for technology and innovation to make a place between mid-high-end bicycles within an activity that more and more people practice in Spain and everyone.

The executive director, Miguel Pina, explained that billing is a consequence of intense research work, applied technology and its own patents, which translates into the fact that in 2016 they plan to have 68 different models that range between 499 and 9,000euros.

Mondraker - name in honor of the Mandrake magician that appears in a Spiderman comic - was born in 1992 as a Teambike bicycle distributor and in 2001 became an independent brand, which coincided with its first range of bicycles.

This is little weight bikes, thanks to materials such as carbon fiber, which have a double suspension system called "Zero", which "better absorbs irregularities."

Mondraker has patented its geometric design of bicycles, different from those of the competition to resemble those of motorcycle motorcycles, which causes them to drive differently.

Factura 15 millones al patentar la doble suspensión de bicicletas de montaña

Even in the bicycles of the descent category they have a lower weight, 15 kilos, to the rest of the competitors, with an average of 18.

This technology has also been put at the service of the world of high competition, since Mondraker has had a team participating in the World Cup for a few years, "Formula one of the Mountain Bike", with which he has achieved several championshipsWorld Cups in the descent category, one of the two recognized by the International Cycling Union (ICU).

"Our highest range bike, with a price of 9,000 euros, is the same that the world of specialty uses," Pina said.

Although in recent years Mondraker has become an important brand internationalof Elche, a thorough process that lengthens more than an hour.

In the 2014-2015 season, which ended last July, they have achieved the best billing of its history with 14.7 million euros, an increase of 34.5 percent (-13% in the case of Spain), for aTotal of 18,000 units sold.

And, according to Pina, the world of bike has experienced a boom in the last 3 or 4 years, a circumstance that has allowed them to pass "to tiptoe through the crisis" since, although each user spends less, the number of peopleThat he practices this sport has increased, and also the average sale price, which is 3,000 euros in the case of outside Spain.

For next year, the forecast of this company with 51 workers is to grow 25 percent, mainly in international markets, since, according to Pina, "spending 1,000 euros is not the same for a German, an English or Spanish"

In the United Kingdom, Mondraker has become a true phenomenon, with a growth in the last exercise of 89 percent, to which he has contributed that one of the models, called Foxy, received the bike prize of the year.

They currently have their own sales network in Portugal, Spain, France and Germany and sell almost 40 more countries in Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia through a distributor.

The pending subject is still the United States, as well as South America due to tariff and rates problems.

In 2016, a new product is stomping and Mondraker also bets on it, electric bikes, but not only for urban use as sustainable mobility - which in Europe is already the present - but to go to the mountain, with assisted pedaling.

"Each pedalada of yours, multiplies it so as not to make so strong," explained Pina, who pointed out that these high -end bikes, with a price that ranges between 3,800 and 6,500 euros, are aimed at another type of audience withLess physical demand.