Goty & Choty 2021: We chose the best and worst of this year!

Goty & Choty 2021: We chose the best and worst of this year!

One of lime and a lot of sand

2021 fue más corto que beta de Elden Ring, pero inversamente proporcional de intenso. Cuando todos pensábamos que lo peor ya había pasado y que se había quedado en el 2020, este año vino, nos agarró de espaldas, nos pegó una patada en la nuca, y nos revoleó al tacho sin misericordia.GOTY & CHOTY 2021: ¡Elegimos lo mejor y lo peor de este año! GOTY & CHOTY 2021: ¡Elegimos lo mejor y lo peor de este año!

The world was returning to its normal normal, stress recovered its face -to -face, and we still did not discover the vaccine against fatigue.

The middle video game industry that went through the same.Aggravated by the pandemic delays and the generational change of hardware, we did not have a year to stand out for their releases.There were beautiful games, of course!But in proportion there were more important titles that defrauded us that something else.

But let's not move on to the results, which is what this report is for.

Como es costumbre cada año en víspera de los Game Awards, en [IRROMPIBLES] hacemos nuestra propia reflexión de lo que el año saliente nos dejó, seleccionando los videojuegos que nos deslumbraron, y los que nos hicieron desear salir a la calle a contagiarnos COVID vacunarnos de espanto.

Remember that this is not a ranking, or a critical methodical analysis, but a simple selection of what each staff member enjoyed more, and cried more (with blood and everything).These are our Goty and Choty 2021.


Goty: It Takes Two

Adoré la propuesta de Deathloop, y creo que la gente de Arkane está completamente loca.I also spent the bomb touring the mysterious places of Resident Evil Village to fatigue. Pero es imposible no rendirse al estupendo gameplay cooperativo de It Takes Two.A simple story with a wonderful and mechanical design of fantastic game.Ideal for adults and guys, and with the great advantage of being able to invite someone to play with us with the pass friend.

Choty: Battlefield 2042

It's sad for me, as a fan of the saga being putting this title like Choty.But it was honestly a launch that made me feel cheated.I expected much more.A Battlefield unprolix, hurried and incomplete. Una mancha que va a ser muy difícil de borrar pese al inmenso trabajo que van a intentar ponerle para enderezar ese Titanic.

Quiero darle una mención especial a Cyberpunk 2077 que junto con Battlefield demostró que hay que dejar de creer en el pre-order.But at least, he left me several hours of fun despite the bugs.


Goty: Nier Replicant Ver.1.2247487139…

That my 2021 dropy is a remake of a title that has more than a decade, speaks of how little creative the video game industry is - and the little I could play this year, above all—.

Pero que ello no le quite importancia al valor de esta remasterización —o remake, ni sus productores se deciden aún— porque NieR Replicant distó mucho de ser “sólo” un excelente relanzamiento, sino una carta de disculpas a todos los fans de la saga.

After sorrow or glory back in 2010, few were the ones who had the opportunity to play Nier Gestalt;And almost no one the lucky ones who managed to enjoy their original exclusive version of Japan. Porque para el grueso del público, la obra de Yoko Taro era una simple rareza de culto imposible de conseguir.

GOTY & CHOTY 2021: ¡Elegimos lo mejor y lo peor de este año!

Nier Replicant vino a corregir ese error del pasado y logró que nosotros, oh simples mortales, 11 años después, finalmente pudiéramos jugar la obra original sin censura, con gráficos modernos, traducido al español, y para colmo con contenido extra como un nuevo final.Impossible not to give merit to the most important launch of the year.

Choty: Cyberpunk 2077

Well, what about the video game that was already said practically everything.And what little I had to think to choose my disappointment this year.

Si voy a ser sincero, la verdad es que Cyberpunk 2077 no fue el PEOR título que jugué durante 2021 —sí, te estoy mirando a vos, Balan Wonderworld—, pero sin duda fue el que más me decepcionó.By far.And that a few days before his launch, he didn't have so much expectation either.

A ver, todos amamos la saga de The Witcher, somos conscientes de las maravillas que son capaces de hacer los de CDPR, ¡e incluso me fui a visitar a los desarrolladores a Polonia mientras hacían el juego! Pero algo en la recta final me hizo sospechar de que la cosa andaba descarrilada… y por desgracia no me equivoqué.

Cyberpunk 2077 is the result of an entangled development, a pretentious and overwhelmed game by its own expectation that did not know how to put the limits.And I am not even referring to the bugs, which are finally fixed with some patches and ready. Sino a los gravísimos problemas de diseño, estructuras y falencias de guión.Hard to believe that the same study that made us enjoy with Geralt's adventures did this.Choty everywhere.

The ashes

Goty: Deathloop

Este año Arkane revalidó el título de “Maestro del immersive sim”. Es probable que Prey haya sido el mejor exponente del género hasta que lanzaron Deathloop.Of course, when I learned about the departure of the great Raphaël Colantonio - a teacher and master mind - I feared the worst.But a few hours with Arkane's new beauty they showed me that there was nothing to fear.

Ocurre que Deathloop sube la apuesta y enriquece la mezcla a un nuevo nivel.The result is insurmountable, with a bestial argument and some concepts of graphic adventure that invite stroke.It flirts with half a dozen genres and everything does well.The only thing that asks us is patience.However, in my case, the situation climbed until I gave him my heart.

Así, en un año donde jugué verdaderas joyas —me costó mucho no elegir Tales of Arise o Metroid Dread— Deathloop sobresale lo justo y necesario para ser mi GOTY.The only thing missing to be perfect is a Cameo by Bill Murray.

Choty: New World

In my particular case, Cyberpunk 2077 does not qualify as Choty.It is more a heart break, an evil of love.It's as if I had seen David Bowie hit a puppy.

Por ello, elijo el juego en donde invertí 180 horas y no sólo no mejoró, sino que parece empeorar cada vez más.That is, New World, the alleged MMORPG Messiah stumbled and two months ago trying not to fall.Every time he seems to recover, he finds a new stone to back down.

Para graficar, en dos meses de vida perdió el 80% de su base de jugadores.In part, it can be related to the fact that the idea was installed that it was “pa’ everyone ”.And no, it is not, it is for those who like the genre.Only this went down to a huge portion of people, who entered managed by different influencers.

Then, a series of annoying bugs, exploits, bad server transfers policy and a slow response speed ended up condemning it.Of course, it is not the first time that a MMORPG is reborn from its ashes.But, today, barely left embers.


Hoty: Intel Core I 12th Generation

Intel estaba herida en su orgullo porque AMD le venía comiendo mercado como loca con sus Ryzen de 3er Generación, mientras que sus Comet Lake y Rocket Lake —este último sólo estuvo nueve meses como el tope de gama— fueron para “aguantar los trapos”.On the other hand Alder Lake finished leaving the oven with his very new support for DDR5 and Pcie 5.0 (which forces us New Socket and New Motherboard).

Alder Lake es un cambio de arquitectura muy interesante ya que se vuelve un CPU Híbrido donde tienen procesadores de bajo consumo (Gracemont, de la línea ATOM) mezclados con los de alta performance (Golden Cove, nueva generación de CPU que patea traseros).Here they are going to tell me “but that Arm has centuries ago with Big.LITTLE”, pero lo interesante es que este esquema híbrido nunca había llegado al mundo x86… y ahora pueden vivirlo en su escritorio.To be able to exploit the mango the hybrid world need Windows 11, do not say that we do not notify them.

Las pruebas de performance demuestran que Alder Lake es superior a Zen3 de AMD, y hay versiones de gama media que directamente lo aplasta.For now AMD has not launched Zen 4 but at least in 2021, Intel takes the crown.

Choty: Nvidia RTX 3000 series

For the second consecutive year, Nvidia takes the choty thanks to the RTX3000. ¿Por qué? El año pasado no pudieron lidiar con la demanda inicial desmesurada, y este año no pudieron lidiar con los mineros de criptomonedas.They launched LHR versions to discourage mining with GPU and despite this the demand remains there in the sky.

An RTX3090 with a MSRP of $ 1.499 USD is sold for no less than $ 3.000 USD, and the 3060 that should leave $ 329 USD are doubled.

Tal es el problema que nVidia se vio forzada a “relanzar” la RTX 2060 ahora con 12GB de memoria RAM para poder copar un poco la demanda de la gama media.We will see what happens to the RTX 4000 series, but I lost hope because if they pay what is promised, the miners will be partying.

Thus, for the second time, the RTX3000 takes the choty because it is making Ethereum miners happy, but ruining gamers with bizarre prices.And we are breed gamers.

*Our hardware specialist engineer opts for the most relevant pieces of the year.Because what would be of the games without the hardware that processes them, right?


Moty (Mobile of the Year): Rush Rally Origins

Of the 30 games for Celu that I analyzed this year, Rush Rally Origins is undoubtedly distinguished over the rest, without muddy.Not only is my favorite genre of fichines - the iron - but it has all the "extras" that we can wish to never uninstall it: online position tables, ghost cars to compete, achievements and saved from cloud progress.

And or what to say - write, in this case - of the gameplay, the control —tactile or with Gamepad -, the scenarios - 6 locations with 6 paths each -, the graphics detailed with climatic effects and the sound, which includes the voiceof the co -pilot.

Rush Rally Origins is one of those games that once they get on the phone, they consume their lives, little by little.But the pucha worth it!

Choty: Netflix games

The streaming giant had been threatening to get fully into the world of gaming for a long time.Finally, in November he specified it: Now we can fichinear the a whopping of 7.000 Games ...!Sorry, I got excited, 3 zeros left.There are seven games seven.And to top it off, not even original - like several of their audiovisual productions, which, even if they hold the great n at the beginning, we know they are acquisitions—.

Stranger Things: 1984 - Stranger Things: The Game (2017) - and Stranger Things 3: The Game (2019), both of Bonusxp, are the only ones based on a series of the platform, but they have already turned 2 and 4 years old,respectively.

Asphalt Xtreme (2016), is another old Gameloft acquaintance.And finally we have Teoter (UP), —Rebranding de Teeter: Endless Arcade Balanced (2016) -, Shooting HOOPS (2018) and Bowling Ballers (2021) —Unica seriously novelty -, Casual Games de Frosty Pop, which although they areentertaining, they leave us with flavor.Very little.

¿Y ustedes? ¿Cuáles fueron sus GOTY & CHOTY 2021? No dejen de contarnos en los comentarios.[Yo]