From the omicron to the 'Necronomicon'

Joan-Pere ViladecansPainter

Like those red fish that spin around weightlessly in a fishbowl –almost a fishbowl out of nowhere–, this is how we see ourselves: submerged in a monumental bain-marie of viruses, microbes, bacteria; rapid mutations... How we would now like to monitor boredom, tedium and routine, away from shock and fear of contagion! And to mental fatigue. And of the microscopic chemical warfare that, invisible, is waged in our veins. Vaccination has all the appearance of becoming a cyclical ritual and, once again, the pessimists were right. It is strange that they have not yet been, or we have not, organized into a club, an association, a pressure group or a foundation. In any case, homework for when we return to normality –how many are there?–, and when the scriptwriters of our lives recover their optimism and creativity. And pity for the human race. Would it be too much to ask them to look at the world through other people's diopters?

From the omicron to the 'Necronomicon'

The air circulates slowly, and its exaggeration the wind: fine as a pin. On the watch face: time opens the hands in a farewell hug. Nothing will be like before. And perhaps we are before the roar of a new era that with the pandemic is ahead. And of one or several generations that overlap, altering the logical and cyclical order of history. Natural: the use and abuse of the galloping technological dictatorship, requires people who have already been born into it. From the Alpha generation onwards: all doomed to twilight. The generation gap widens.

Perhaps we are before the roar of a new era that with the pandemic is ahead

From covid-19 to its omicron variant, a parenthesis of insomnia; distressing. And the fact is that, excuse the intellectual jewelry, omicron, like this: heard, it refers me to the Necronomicon, the book imagined by H.P. Lovecraft and that he attributed to the crazy Arab Abdul Alhazred, his pseudonym. The Necronomicon, whose reading, according to its author and followers, causes madness and death, has had and still has a long literary and cinematographic journey; present in the rock of Black Sabbath, Metallica and Iron Maiden and referenced in video games. Together with his admired Poe, he is the highest peak of cosmic horror. Perhaps it is no coincidence to associate the omicron with the Necronomicon. This is a fateful association.

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