Did the airline damage or lose your luggage? Learn about passenger rights and how to file a claim at the airport

Has it ever happened to you that your luggage does not leave the airport removal tapes or shows some damage? A foreign tourist said last week that his luggage was damaged and that the airline said it was not his fault.

Another person denounced through social networks that on a flight from Panama to Guayaquil the suitcase would not have arrived at the destination airport. In addition, another passenger said that his suitcases arrived with ruined things, all wet and even one of them leaked mud. "I don't know where they would have the suitcases, but it is not the service that one pays extra for another suitcase so that it arrives ruined," he said.

December, the month of reunions in Ecuadorian airports; follow these tips for a safe return

December is the month when more passengers arrive through the Quito and Guayaquil airports. Last year, in that month, the arrival of 236,949 people from abroad by air was registered. The United States is the main destination from which tourists arrive, followed by Spain and Colombia.


The General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) explained that passengers who need to make a formal claim can do so at the customer service and User Guide offices at the Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca and Manta airports, as well as at through the email atencion_usuario@aviacioncivil.gob.ec or at the complaints and claims stations located in the country's airports.

Airlines also accept complaints through their different customer service channels or at their offices.

Did the airline damage or lose your luggage Learn about passenger rights and how to file a claim at the airport

It also indicated that valuables or personal documents (money, checks, jewelry, electronic items, cameras, negotiable documents and other valuables) should not be included in checked baggage, because in case of damage, theft or loss of The airline will not be responsible for them unless, before starting the flight, a declaration of value is presented and the corresponding insurance is purchased.

How can I file a claim?

When arriving at the destination and the passenger's luggage has not arrived, they must go to the airline's counter in the arrival area where there will be staff from the airline itself in order to resolve any concerns regarding your baggage and, if necessary, will give you a baggage claim voucher, in order to be able to follow up on delayed baggage.

Any irregularity found in your luggage must be reported in writing immediately to the airline agent, within a period of 7 days from the date of receipt in cases of damage, theft or deterioration, up to 21 days in case delay in receipt.

The passenger must receive a solution from the airline before the delay, loss, theft or deterioration of the luggage that has been delivered for their custody, according to the conditions of the ticket.


What rights and obligations do passengers have?

The DGAC explained that the passenger has the right to demand a receipt for each piece of checked baggage, transport their checked and hand luggage on the same flight and have the appropriate hand luggage with the dimensions and weight allowed by each airline.

In addition, you must not transport prohibited and dangerous items such as explosives, flammable liquid gases, chemical and toxic substances, this is also indicated at airline service points.

The passenger must check their luggage personally and declare the actual content of their luggage in case they are carrying valuables, among other obligations.

To avoid setbacks upon arrival, it is important that you know what elements are considered personal by the National Customs Service of Ecuador (Senae).

These are the different service channels:

Telephone: 1800-CUSTOMS (238262)

Option 1 General information on the new Ecuapass system or on Customs Services

Option 2 Customs Procedures

Option 3 Household items

Option 4 Support for electronic transmissions and in the functionality of the modules of the Customs Information System.

Option 5 Complaints without incentives and claims

Email: mesadeservicios@aduana.gob.ec. There you will be able to find out about customs procedures, claims, congratulations, suggestions, queries about customs regulations.

If you are transporting animals, you can visit the website of the Phytosanitary and Zoosanitary Regulation and Control Agency (Agrocalidad) where you will find information on animal health, plant health, procedures, requirements and more. (YO)