Anabel Pantoja's supposed scam with her jewelry line

Anabel Pantoja's supposed scam with her jewelry line

Anabel Pantoja accumulates open fronts, this time she has been the turn of her partner Miguel Frigenti.The collaborator of álvame ’accuses the soy of scammer for her jewelry line since Miguel says that her companion's jewels are also in Aliexpress and at a four -time price.

After the publication of Miguel's video in which he disassembled Anabel's last collaboration with a jewelry brand, both collaborators have seen the faces on the Telecinco set and among them the sparks have jumped.While Miguel accuses Anabel of selling as exclusive jewels that can be found in Aliexpress for a much lower value, Anabel defends himself by ensuring that she has seen the invoices in which the origin of the materials used for the manufacture ofYour jewels.Given her partner's insistence, Anabel says that it is not the first time she happens to her since some time ago this page also falsified her already famous lunar swimsuit of her.

Miguel Frigenti believes that Anabel's big mistake has been not denouncing this situation since she was aware that these same jewels were being sold on this page.Tired that Miguel tries to dynamit her professional project, Anabel leaves the set making it clear that she does not want to cheat anyone and that as much as he investigates, Miguel will not find anything against her.

Anabel defends himself

La supuesta estafa de Anabel Pantoja con su línea de joyas

While he continues in ‘SaveAnabel says that four years ago, from the same website, they "plagiarized" the line of swimsuits of her.