10 perfectly impeccable anime characters that cannot be wrong

The beauty of the great anime characters can make the hearts of the spectators rise.This is especially true in the case of those rare jewels of characters that are too good for this world.These characters illuminate the life of the spectators, causing a smile on their faces or tears in their eyes, and causing indescribable feelings of love and affection.

These types of characters go beyond normal goodness, disinterest and love, and show the best features of humanity.Sometimes these features are obvious in the characters.Other times, the viewer has to wait a few episodes, looking beyond a hardened exter.But, either manifest or hidden, all the characters of this title have the label of good boys as well as anyone could do it.

10 Clara Valac no es el típico demonio cotidiano (¡Bienvenido a la Escuela de Demonios! Iruma-kun)

The spectators take a look at Clara from Welcomome to Demon School!Iruma-kun and everyone agrees that this character is too pure to be true.It is too innocent to contemplate the possibility of being evil.Play, eat, go to school, spend time with your new friends and your family, rather uproar, play a little more and repeat.

Its excessive energy is completely channeled to illuminate the world and the people around it.Whether climbing in the back of the highest students or driving Azz-kun crazy, it is pure fun to see, without a bone of evil in your body.

9 Kanna Kamui: La reina del kawaii (La doncella del dragón de la señorita Kobayashi)

Kanna-chan, the most kawaii of the Kawaii, has conquered the heart of all fans of the Dragon of the Dragon of Miss Kobayashi since her first appearance in the series.Her off tone, her limited vocabulary and tiny character make one of the most beloved female characters in all the anime.

How could I do something wrong?Of course, he does not.He does not come out of his mouth or a single bad word, nor is any hard thought.His days are full of sweet worship of Miss Kobayashi and expressions of child curiosity while learning about the human world that surrounds her.

8 Nasa Yuzaki es un hombre dulce (Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You)

10 personajes de anime perfectamente impecables que no pueden equivocarse

NASA-KUN DE TONIKAWA: Over The Moon for You is probably one of the most pleasant types of anime or any other type.He is gentle, kind, insightful, sensitive to others, reflective to satiety and completely in love with his adorable new wife.Seeing Nasa and Tsukasa is a wonderful experience, and surprisingly the boy contributes a lot to that feeling.

The spectators will have a warm and diffuse feeling just by seeing Nasa doing ordinary things with Tsukasa.It shows a sweet combination of maturity and innocence that is not easy to find even in other good boys anime characters.

7 El liderazgo de Yona-Hime es digno del mayor respeto (Yona del Amanecer)

Yona goes from being a princess spoiled to a leader worthy of being queen throughout the events in Yona del Dawn.Powerful warriors, men who would not easily follow other men if they were considered unworthy, align behind Yona to a look of their bright eyes and a word of their lips, willing to follow her until the end of the world and even death.

They do it because they respect her.Yona is respecting for his goodness, his love for his friends and his willpower.

6 Asami Yuuki es una verdadera amiga (Higehiro)

One would not expect a type of Gyaru to make a list of characters that cannot do anything bad, but Asami Yuuki de Higehiro: after being rejected, I shaved and welcomed a fugitive from high school was a true friend for poor SayuWhen I needed a friend.He gives Sayu a shoulder in which to cry and a friendly ear to tell her sad story.

She is no stranger to anyone, and she becomes a friend of Sayu from the moment they know themselves as if they were friends with childhood, but do not hesitate to unleash their anger against those who hurt their loved ones.Her exuberant personality and her opinion without a tap.

5 Libro de la Sabiduría que Camina (Non Non Biyori) de Renge Miyuchi

The incarnation of the innocence (and wisdom) of the children, Renge Miyuchi, affectionately known as Rege-Chon, of Non Non Biyori makes friends, family, strangers and spectators alike to smile equally.Among his childhood innocence, his observer countenance and his crazy words about the world in which he is, Rege is a light in the life of both his companions and his fans.

It will make the most pessimistic happy to be alive, since it teaches the spectators to see the world of new, strange and wonderful ways.

4 Haru Nonako ilumina los lugares oscuros (canta "Yesterday" para mí)

Sing "Yesterday" For me has nothing to sing, but you don't need it to make Haru Nonako one of the sweetest anime characters created.This anime has a lot of depth in its history and its characters, and within those felt depths is the light that is Haru.

Illuminates the hearts and minds of those around her from the moment she finds them, helping them to face their past and their present, and their futures.His living character and his beautiful heart will leave any spectator soaked in tears of worship.

3 La trompeta de Rio Kazumiya hincha los corazones y hace llorar a los ojos (Sound of the Sky)

Rio is probably the most military of the 1121 female squad of Sound of the Sky, often barking orders aloud to his subordinates and strongly expressing his opinion to all those who listen to it.But under that exterior hardened there is a goodness even more pure than the clear sound of its trumpet from the walls.

His musical instruction to the always anxious Kanata is strict, but always made with love.Rio values her friends above all, always remembering in her heart that things never last forever, and influencing those around her to do the same.

2 Tae Yamada no puede hacer nada malo porque no puede hacer mucho (Saga Zombie Land)

Zombie Land Saga Tae-chan is undoubtedly too perfect for this world.He never fully recovers his humanity, giving lying and muttering incomprehensibly, exactly how a zombie should do it.Is too dead to do something wrong.

But inside that corpse a heart of gold shines.Tae-chan loves his new friends and turns to his performances with them, regardless of always following the choreography or singing some of the real words of the song.

1 Sasha Blouse se echará de menos para siempre (Attack on Titan)

Sasha of attack on Titans always gets into trouble, but especially because he just wants to eat.However, in a series as dark as attacks on the Titans, there is a character as innocent as Sasha.He just wants to eat, live happily and be with his compatriots.The world of anime reacted sadly and angerly before his tragic death, but this moment showed Sasha's purity.

The fans realized how sweet he was and that, suddenly, he had disappeared.The spectators could no longer see her hunting potatoes or engulfing meat with more enthusiasm than a person should be legal.Sometimes people do not recognize the goodness of something until they have left, and that is really the case of poor Sasha.