We have the accessory that protects the lipstick and prevents the glasses from tarnishing when you wear a mask

We have the accessory that protects the lipstick and prevents the glasses from tarnishing when you wear a mask

We are becoming increasingly aware of the idea that masks are probably going to be part of our future in a more or less mandatory way. And that is why it is very difficult for many of us to get used to them, especially because of the extra difficulty of wearing glasses and being constantly tarnished. It's a job to have to be constantly cleaning our glasses while we walk with bags or books, actually. Another added problem: makeup. Although waterproof cosmetics and fixators help us, the truth is that the easiest thing to do is for the lipstick to be ruined by rubbing the mask. Well, the solution for both problems has already been invented.

The placement of the Bracket 3D or face Bracket under the mask is very easy: it adapts to the nasal bridge. / D.R.

Tenemos el accesorio que protege el lápiz de labios e impide que se empañen las gafas cuando llevas mascarilla

The access in question is called face Bracket or 3D Bracket and is not an unlikely sophistication, but the easiest and most effective solution you can imagine. It is a kind of frame that is placed under the mask and, in addition to allowing the air to circulate more, prevents the friction that spoils the lipstick and totally ruins our makeup. It ended up cleaning and retouching every time we took off our mouth covers. Another point in your favor: reduces the appearance of blissful granites throughout the area around your mouth.

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Let us not forget: by allowing the air to circulate more easily, this accessory prevents condensation from forming in the glasses. Yay! The most sensitive skins will greatly appreciate this new invention. It is made of food grade silicone or plastic without toxic and besides having a soft touch, it is washable with soap and water and reusable. The price is the least: a pack with four or six silicone supports can come out for about 9 euros. A mess for the amount of problems he solves for us.


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