Úrsula Corberó confirms the latest eyeliner trend on Jimmy Fallon's show

Úrsula Corberó confirms the latest eyeliner trend on Jimmy Fallon's show

By now you know very well that Úrsula Corberó swept Jimmy Fallon's 'The Tonight Show' yesterday. The Spanish actress is causing a stir around the world thanks to her interpretation of Tokio in 'The paper house', the successful Netflix series.

What has surprised us the most in the interview (beyond the anecdote that Úrsula told and that she has to do with Madonna) has been the 'beauty look' of the actress. This time, Tokio has dared with a thick eyeliner that covers the entire mobile eyelid, made by make-up artist Carolina González with Armani Beauty products.

Do you want to recreate Ursula's makeup and monopolize all eyes during the Christmas holidays? We have spoken with an expert and we tell you how you can recreate it.

"To trace the eyeliner, if you don't have a reddish eyeliner at home, you can do it with a lip liner or with any fluid fixed lipstick (for example, MAC Red Retromate), which lasts for many hours. We take product from the fluid lipstick with a beveled brush to execute the outline", explains the professional make-up artist Cristina Lobato.

With an angled brush and a gel eyeliner, with the eye open, draw a line at a diagonal angle from the water line of the lower lashes towards the temple or the eyebrow, depending on the angle you like best. "Don't worry if the line is not straight or asymmetrical with the other eye because there is a magical solution for that that I will teach you in the last step," clarifies the expert.

Úrsula Corberó confirma la última tendencia en eyeliner en el programa de Jimmy Fallon

“Once we have created the tail of the eyeliner, we then connect it with the eyelid and fill in half of it. At this point, half the work is done. To finish the other half, start making up from the tear duct. Starting from the inside of the water line, we mark until connecting it with the line that we have drawn from the center of the eyelid to the tail of the eyeliner”, adds Cristina Lobato.

“To finish and polish the line of the glue, we are going to correct it in the following way: we moisten a flat brush with micellar water, rest it on the tail of the eyeliner and slide to correct the inclination and thus make a completely straight, clean and polished line. ”, he concludes. You see? It is much easier than we thought.

And don't miss it! Úrsula Corberó is not the only 'celeb' who has dared with an eye pencil in reddish tones. In fact, Rosalía has shown us her latest 'beauty look' on her Instagram profile and it turns out that the Catalan singer has opted for a minimalist liner at the end of the eye, in the same shades as Úrsula's eyeliner.

The singer has achieved this look with MAC makeup products (in case you didn't know, after the launch of the Viva Glam lipstick, Rosalía and the Canadian brand wanted to extend their union further and launched Aute Cuture, a complete makeup collection ). She looks gorgeous!