Tips to achieve a more natural makeup

Tips to achieve a more natural makeup

Since the home office came into our lives, many things have changed in our routine, one of them is to leave makeup aside and opt for something more natural that highlights feminine beauty, becoming a trend that is here to stay. .

That is why Alberto Tovar, make up artist of Apple Cosmetics shares with us the step by step and some of his secrets, to achieve a natural makeup and not fail in the attempt.

Remember that you should not be an expert in the art of makeup, just use the right products for your skin type.

Step by step for a natural makeup

1. Have a previous skin care routine. For a makeup with a natural effect to look impeccable, it is essential to carry out a deep cleansing routine every night, start by applying micellar water that will be your ally to eliminate excess oil, impurities and refresh the skin.

Perform periodic exfoliations at night, for normal and dry skin once a week and for oily or mixed skin twice, this to remove all the dead cells that can clog the pores and generate impurities. Later, use a moisturizing or moisturizing cream, as well as an eye contour since the skin in that area is the most sensitive. Another great recommendation is to use a serum with enriching factors such as vitamin C and E or hyaluronic acid. These steps are essential for your skin to look fresh, youthful, rested and bright.

Tips para lograr un maquillaje más natural

2. Apply shades that replicate the natural color of your skin. To select the tones indicated for a natural makeup, the subtones of our skin must be replicated, for this we are going to take our base tone as a starting point and from there we can go up to two more scales to create depth.

The base tone is based on the type of complexion, that is, if you have a yellowish or olive tone it will be warm and if it looks more pink or peach it will be cold (look at the back of your forearm: if the veins are greenish, your skin tone skin is warm; if, on the other hand, they are bluish, your skin tone is cold), taking this into account, the basic products that the expert recommends for each skin type will be selected.

3. For warm skin. A BB cream caramel beige or dark beige base will adapt perfectly to the skin tone, then a medium or intense concealer, to seal the makeup, a compact powder and a golden or bronzed highlighter. For lips, use a brown or nude crayon.

4. For cold skin. Apply a soft ivory BB cream, a soft concealer and seal with a compact powder in sand, latte, mocha or cappuccino, enhance with a rose or champagne highlighter. For lips use a beige or peach shade.

5. Eyes protagonists. In the eyes, the makeup must be super natural, the eyelashes will continue to be the protagonists. You can make a fine line of eyeliner in a medium brown tone on the birth of the lashes and give a slight upward diagonal stroke to the limit.

6. Balance and blur. In this trend, the whole face is important and must look neat and balanced. To achieve this, apply the products very gently, that is, in small quantities and continuously, always blending perfectly without leaving lumps, thus creating a neutral balance without contrasts. and with a delicate natural glow.