This is the tone of lips that look good for all women

When it comes to makeup, think that everything is said and written is a mistake that can cost us not to have a shocking Beauty look.And we must take into account that trends are never fixed and constantly changing.

Many of us know that the best lipstick that there is or that we must have in a bag is the red color, because in addition to being 100% passionate and that makes you highLOVE THE SIMPLICITY WITH WHICH ANY LOOK.

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Although here in last the red lipstick is a basic that lives in our cosmetiquera and although it does not pay rent, today we are going to talk to you about another tone of lips that you should have.

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Este es el tono de labios que se le ve bien a todas las mujeres

Nude tones have lived a great moment of popularity and this is thanks to the fact that they are versatile tones that you can lead to a formal event, work, school and even a special someone.Its main characteristic is that apart from giving volume to your lips, it offers ease to combine with another cosmetic such as the gloss with which you will get an incredible look.

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Another of its most remarkable points is that it allows you.

Far from the perfect match that makes with our looks, this lipstick should live in your cosmetiquera, because in addition to being a neutral lip color, there are in different consistencies so deciding on one will be difficult.

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Our advice is that when you try to buy these tones you always choose a lipstick and a gloss, because these all cosmetics will be the ones that will get you trouble when you need a fast and style beauty look with a lot.