The secret of makeup artists so that makeup is better absorbed (and lasts more) is called 'Gua Sha'

    One of the best stored tricks of many Make Up Artist International is the use of natural stones to achieve a better absorption of the cosmetics that apply to prepare the skin before makeup and at the same time give the models a massage.Proven results or Chinese story?

    Traditional Chinese medicine has more than 2.000 years taking advantage of the therapeutic benefits of these stones.And the more than 40.000 results of the #guasha to Instagram confirm the trend.“It is used to generate Rong energy.And the technique consists of scraping the skin on the channels where energy circulates, "defines Nuria Torrijano, a specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    In China it is mainly carried out in the body, to balance the stagnation of energy on meridians: “It helps to relax muscle tension and increase the movement of body fluids, favors metabolic function, increases the immune response and moves stagnant blood", List Torrijano.

    He has currently extended to the West as facial beauty therapy.“It is more relaxing and much softer, it works on the energy meridians who pass through the skull, face, neck and neckline (bladder meridian, stomach, lung and du mai), some of them are closely related to healthof the skin, "says the therapist.

    What do you need?

    A flat stone (gua sha scraper) or a roller (roller), made in pink quartz or jade.And then a facial oil or serum that facilitates the sliding of the tool.

    “Jade has soothing properties, stimulates vital energy and, according to oriental medicine, it has healing qualities.For its part, the pink quartz has a large number of minerals that not only help eliminate toxins and swell.


    El secreto de los maquilladores para que el maquillaje se absorba mejor (y dure más) se llama 'Gua Sha'

    A plus: being cold stones would help drain and activate stagnant circulation, for example, in the eye contour.

    Seven basic gestures


    "On the side on which the stone has a heart shape, you have to slide it with descending movements, from top to bottom and outside the center, doing a little more pressure below," describes Gisela.Repeat three times on each side.

    Óvalo facial

    “On the same side heart of the stone, it begins by pressing on the chin with the stone and climbs to the top of the ear.You have to pressure at the end of each movement, "details Sephora Spain expert.Repeat three times on each side.


    "Back to massage with the stone on the heart side, this time from the nose out and always below the eyes, pressure at the end of each movement," according to the makeup artist.Repeat three times on each side.

    Contorno de ojos

    We continue with the stone side that has a heart shape."You have to" draw "the eyebrow line, try to make the movement ascending and ending in the temple, where the birth of hair is located."Repeat three times on each side.

    Código de barras

    “With one of the ends on the heart of the stone, slide it from the center of the upper lip to outside."Repeat three times on each side.

    Líneas de la amargura

    "Now you have to use the convex side of the stone and make diagonal movements, from the outside of the lip to the eyebrow's tail," continues Gisela.Repeat three times on each side.

    Frente y entrecejo

    “Again with the convex part of the stone, it is pressed in the area of the eyebrows and rises to the birth of the hair.From inside."Repeat three times on each side.

    The promises

    "It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, helps drain and detoxify, return the luminosity to the skin, decreases the bags in the eye contour area and increases the effectiveness of the cosmetic assets of creams," says themakeup artist.And according to Tereapéuta Nuria Torrijano manages to nurture the skin and connective tissue naturally, it helps to reaffirm the facial oval, to calm the mind and improve stress."The result is a brighter and more oxygenated skin.With just 10 minutes a day the benefits are noticeable."

    Lights and shadows

    According to the aestheticist Diana Montoya as a remodeling massage is the pear because it activates the circulation, remodeled, tones and reaffirms the muscle and the tissue, and also helps to drain liquids and toxins, but it is not for everyone.

    “We must bear in mind that it produces a controlled aggression that can trigger the breakage of capillaries.Sensitive skins, with capillary fragility or with a tendency to cuperosis should refrain." Y la profesional Torrijano aconseja que la técnica sea enseñada y aplicada la primera vez por un profesional para no dañar la piel ni provocar lesiones (petequias y hematomas).

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