The most memorable famous fights left by 2019 the most memorable famous fights that left us 2019

The most memorable famous fights left by 2019 the most memorable famous fights that left us 2019

The universe of Hollywood superstars and other world celebrities lived in 2019 a particularly convulsive year full of clashes that has brought to light infidelities, claims of equality and demands for the care of the planet.

These are some of the most popular scandals of last year:

Kardashians vs Jordyn Woods

The Kardashian clan, which now dominates the beauty and catwalks industry, began February with a sound and media family scandal.

American specialized media published that Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner's best friend, had an infidelity with Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian's daughter's father.

During a party, the basketball player kissed Woods, who had been a friend close to the celebrity family for years, unleashing a storm among his members who jumped to the screens.

In a 30 -minute interview with the actress and director Jada Pinkett, Woods confirmed that the athlete had kissed her, which ended the relationships of the Canadian and the model with the Kardashian family, who crossed out the fact of "betrayal".

Tati vs Charles

Last May, the famous makeup youtuber Tati Westbrook caused controversy by publishing a video ensuring that the influencer James Charles, another superstar of cosmetics, abused his power as a celebrity to press men to come out with him.

To the fight the makeup artist Jefree Star, who through his social networks said he had tests of the abuse while thousands of followers of the three celebrities followed the confrontation on their screens.

Charles denied the accusations in a video on his YouTube channel in which he contributed several text messages as evidence of what he considered as "good behavior", although he made more than three million subscribers in that social network in that social network.

Las peleas de famosos más memorables que nos dejó 2019 Las peleas de famosos más memorables que nos dejó 2019

His public response has 48 million visits and the friendship between Jefree, Tati and Charles ended.

Taylor Swift vs Music Industry

In June, the Superstar of Music Taylor Swift claimed through social networks that his former record Big Records Machine would have sold his catalog to Scooter Braun, the manager of Justin Bieber and Kanye West, with whom he has had problems throughout his race.

In a publication entitled I don't know what else to do, he recognized the difficulties in interpreting his songs during his own tribute in the American Music Awards (AMAS), where the artist of the 2010-2020 decade was declared.

The young singer has the property of the lyrics but not of the recordings, so she announced this summer that she plans to record her first five albums from November 2020 to recover her music.

Reggaeton vs Latin grammy

In September, when the Latin Grammy candidates were revealed, several urban artists lashed out against the awards for the lack of gender nominations.

This lack of recognition to the urban genre caused discomfort in artists such as Daddy Yankee and J Balvin, who argued that reggaeton was very popular during the year and should distinguish.

Through social networks, the issue with publications from other singers such as Anuel AA, Maluma and Karol G.

By winning better urban music album, Bad Bunny claimed that reggaeton is part of Latin culture, although he did urged his colleagues to produce better quality music and stop focusing on numbers.

Jane Fonda vs

October was the month in which the iconic Hollywood actress Jane Fonda starred in a hard fight against the climatic crisis by being part of several manifestations of activists.

Fonda was arrested at least four times when protesting every Friday in front of the US Congress in Washington.

To do this, the actress moved to the US capital and founded a group to demonstrate every week until January 2020.

Fonda said then that he was avoiding a fifth arrest, for the acting commitments he maintains and because, if he was captured again, he would have to spend a night in prison.

The 81 -year -old interpreter, who has a long career in activism that began with her opposition to the Vietnam War, has invited other celebrities to these seedlings, among which are Ted Danson, Piper Perabo, Sally Field and Diane Lane.

Selena Gomez vs Justin Bieber

Also in the tenth month of the year, singer Selena Gomez presented two songs that seem to refer to her old relationship with Justin Bieber after almost 8 years of a tumultuous and toxic connection, just at the same time when the Canadian marriedHailey Baldwin model.

Phrases like "In two months you replaced our 'we', as was easy.It made me think that I deserved it, in the toughest part of my recovery "they fed the interpretations of the artist's fans, who know well the chronology of their relationship with their ex -boyfriend.

Selena Gomez and Bieber maintained an injured relationship, with ruptures and reconciliations between 2011 and 2018, until the musician announced in July of that year that she had proposed marriage to Baldwin, just two months after ending with Gomez.

Gold Balloons vs actresses and directors

After the announcement of the nominations for the Golden Globes, the women of the medium objected the lack of mentions to tapes made or starring women, in a long tradition of the Academy to highlight male stories.

Likewise, the 2019 awards, organizedsexual harassment of women.

Natalie Portman then surprised with a phrase when she presented, along with Ron Howard, the Golden Globe at the best address: "And all nominated men are...".