The makeup effect good face is easily achieved with these 6 basics

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There is a lot of talk about "good face effect" makeup ", but... Do you really know how to get it? Surely you imagine that, despite its natural appearance, focused on giving luminosity and a healthy color to the face, a lot of complex techniques are hidden. However, it doesn't have to be that way. What's more, the days of contouring, baking and other elaborate methods are passing. Practicality prevails, and that is why we look for functional and easy-to-use solutions. For this, the experts at Freshly Makeup have given us a great idea: makeup in just six steps that guarantees spectacular results. You know those days when everyone tells you that you have the handsome turned up? Well, that's what we mean, and without the need for dozens of products. You'll love it!

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Discover in depth the basics of Freshly Makeup for a "good face effect" makeup

Good face makeup is easily achieved with these 6 basics

Radiant and natural makeup, here we come! © Leticia Diaz

Ready for any situation.

It doesn't matter if you have a meeting, a romantic dinner, an afternoon with friends or an impromptu afterwork, we guarantee that this makeup will adapt to all kinds of appointments. A glowing, juicy skin, with an impact look and an enviable tone, that always works! Also, doing it is super easy, write down all the steps and the Freshly Makeup products you need:

Step one: Prepare the skin with Radiant Glow Primer Serum. We will use it as a makeup primer and serum, all at the same time! Apply it with the pipette directly on your skin, massage and let it penetrate well. Your face will acquire that flattering and sought-after Glowy effect, and you can use it with or without makeup. In any case, it is essential to achieve the long-awaited anti-fatigue effect in the morning, or on those more tired days.