The Milmillonariat of money that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are played with their divorce

    Against all forecast, the decline of marriage formed by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seems to be closer than ever.After months of constant rumors, Kimye - popular apodium of the binomial in networks - ends.And of course, nothing of this procedure will be easy since, in addition to the four children they have in common (North, Chicago, Psalm and Saint) between them they must distribute a fortune that Forbes estimates in more than 1.700 million euros.Joint figure that, although it is always believed that Kanye is ‘the rich’ of the two, is more matched than expected.Although there is a difference between the two Titans: the rapper's fortune is mainly based on his Yeezy Shoes model, whose income is tied to the Adidas firm, while Kim's businesses are more diverse, varied and have more liquid capital.

    Thus, roughly, the estimated amount that would run in the rapper's current account would be just over one billion euros;while Kim would enjoy a financial vitality around 617 million.The first would have knead these goods thanks to the income of his music and the aforementioned collaboration with Adidas - of which he owns 100% of his signature -.The second, when distributing in divorce, would have to make accounts from what was admitted by his famous family television program, in which half a million dollars for episode, the beneficial mobile app 'Kim Kardashian:Hollywood ', estimated at 200 million euros, and the cosmetic firm KKW Beauty, which goes to the stern and full candle.All that, without counting the commercial agreements by image that signs to present later on their social networks.

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    So how are you going to distribute the paste Gansa?

    Everything would depend, as already begun to count between the specialized press, on the prenuptial agreement that both would have signed in 2014 before the ‘yes, I want’..A treatment that was forged when Kim began to become the chicken of the golden eggs and Kanye was already a musical eminence that sneaked between the best paid positions year after year.According to nearby sources, the true headache would come when dividing the family mansion located in Hidden Hills, California, where Kimka currently resides with her four children - the singer has been in a Wyoming macroracho away from months the lights-.But where is the problem?The house, bought the year of her wedding and paid by Kanye, cost the a whopping of 15 million euros, while the subsequent reform came to be worth almost the same.In total, about 30 million euros, there is nothing.However, the land was acquired as an investment by the Kardashian, a detail that complicates the divider matter since some would have to yield.

    La milmillonaria cifra de dinero que Kim Kardashian y Kanye West se juegan con su divorcio

    Of course, the only one that seems to be done on August will be Laura Wasser, a lawyer coined as 'The Queen of Divorcios' in Hollywood who seems to take the case and that he will have to juggle to content two heavyweights like Kanye andKim.The more they get entangled when distributing, the more the intermediary will take.Now we only have to know how long this procedure would last that a marabunta of rugged headlines could bring with it, if neither of them is understood.Will 5O-50%agree?It is difficult.

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