The best products to prevent and eliminate grains

The other day we read a post of @nuclear_beauty, one of our world's favorite scientists, about the temptation to exploit a grain.Amparo, an expert in cosmetics, recommends some products for those moments where the volcano knocks on your door and does nothing but tempt you.

"Although by law, he explains, in Europe you can't use the word acne for its claims, there are products that can do something for those granites."Amparo calls them emergency and attributes the following "powers."

1- They have a physical effect: they are applied locally and helps to disappear faster and leave less brand.

2- They have a psychological effect: applying them avoids temptation to touch the injuries.

Los mejores productos para prevenir y eliminar los granos

3- They are a complement: they are not substitutes for a good routine and/or dermatological treatment.They should not be applied to extensive areas or continuously over time.

The most common ingredients you will find are the following, according to the expert:

- Salicylic acid: keratolithic and antibacterial.

- Other acids (Ahas like glycolic, phas as gluconolactone): exfoliants and stimulants of skin renewal.

- Niacinamide: anti -inflammatory, reinforces the barrier, antibacterial function.

- Clays (eg Calamina): Absorbent.

- Denat alcohol: astringent, antibacterial, vehicle.

- Tea tree essential oil: antibacterial.

Therefore, if you also have that temptation, it is better to contain and pay attention to Amparo, in addition to using this selection of products that, surely, your skin will thank you very much.