Telva Zara Beauty, the inclusive beauty collection of which everyone speaks

After democratizing fashion, Zara has set out to do the same in the world of cosmetics. Her idea, to launch a complete beauty collection for eyes, lips, face and nails that has the ability to address all possible realities, regardless of gender, age, race or personal style. An inclusive vision of beauty that will hit physical stores and online from May 12 but that everyone is already talking about because it is not only a complete new cosmetic line, but it goes further, launching a message that embraces the individuality of the person from a new vision of the concept of beauty. "There is no beauty only beauties" (there is no beauty, but beauties) is the slogan that underlines the inclusive perspective of the Inditex giant with which it can revolutionize the market.Telva Zara Beauty, the inclusive beauty collection from which everyone world speaks

Behind her creative direction is British makeup artist Diane Kendal, a legendary stylist in charge of the most memorable runway looks in New York, Paris and Milan, as well as having helped create some of the most iconic fashion photography of the world. More than a year of work and reflection on this project in which both the teams in Spain and Diane's in New York have been involved. "When Zara offered me to lead the creative direction of Zara Beauty, I saw an opportunity to create something that everyone would want to wear. Zara has always reached a wide audience, and I wanted to bring that same great vision to the world of beauty, with a collection that was clean, sustainable and accessible to all".

Telva Zara Beauty, the inclusive collection of beauty that everyone is talking about

Each product is made with clean formulas, in refillable containers with a palette of more than 130 colors. The packaging is also careful to detail. With a very characteristic and differentiating inclination, it is inspired by the Z of the brand's logo to maintain the same line of elegance that is associated with the fashion division. “Our goal was to create something truly inclusive where everyone could participate – innovative products with individual character, all made with the highest quality ingredients and the latest color palette. Those were mutual ambitions that we shared with Diane,” she says. Eva López-López, director of Zara Beauty.

In the collection we will find all kinds of products for lips, eyes, face and nails and that are not only makeup products, but also care for and treat the skin with great care, such as Nourishing Jelly Lip Oil ( soothes, hydrates and gives volume to the lips). "I am very proud of what we have created: a wide range of unique formulas for eyes, lips, face and nails. To have been able to develop such an extensive color line that brings a great sense of fun, while maintaining respect for the ingredients of the highest quality, it's something incredible that hasn't really been around before. Through this diversity of faces and gazes, the collection celebrates what I think is most important in our industry: 'There is no beauty only beauties.'" , comments the creative director of the upcoming release. To illustrate that diversity, the makeup artist created a series of looks captured by nine photographers: Steven Meisel, David Sims, Marilyn Minter, Oliver Hadlee Pearch, Zoë Ghertner, Craig McDean, Nadine Ijewere, Mario Sorrenti and Fabien Baron, where each of them They share their own personal vision of beauty (and which you can already admire on their official website).

You're going to love the variety of colors for the Stiletto lipstick (because of how it brings out the highest pigments), the color blending in the dual shadow palettes, and the subtle bronzing of the sun powders as well as the vast array of shades. variety of shades from which you can choose to color your nails (up to 39 shades). These are some of the products that have caught our attention, but there are more that you can see and try online through the brand's website in just a few days.

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