Telva What you should know (and do) if you want to have glowing skin like Alexa Chung's

Telva What you should know (and do) if you want to have glowing skin like Alexa Chung's

A few seasons ago, matte and velvety textures were the undisputed queens of the beauty scene, relegating glossy finishes to the background. However, today it seems that the tables have turned again and what we all dream of is to achieve healthy, luminous and extra juicy skin like Alexa Chung's, which on Instagram they have begun to call #babyskin (baby skin). . The idea is to show off that skin with the minimum, that is, giving up unnecessary layers of makeup and cosmetics that saturate the skin with iridescent pigments. What it is about, so that we understand each other, is that our face shines from the inside out, avoiding the dreaded glossy effect (and no, it is not the same as luminous skin). But how do you get that relaxed healthy look and dewy juicy skin?Telva What you need to know (and do) if you want to have glowing skin like Alexa Chung's Telva What you need to know (and do) if you want to have glowing skin like Alexa Chung

First of all, and although it may sound like hackneyed advice, sleeping a minimum of eight hours a day and maintaining an adequate diet is essential. In addition, it is something that is usually difficult for us to comply with. Stress, work, the current rhythms of life mean that we rest much less than we would like and also that we eat much worse. Constancy is key in this because the results are not immediate.

Maintaining a care routine is another key to achieving luminous skin. Take your time to research and decide which products suit the needs of your skin and what you want to achieve, you will have 50% of the work done. A thorough cleaning -double cleaning, if possible- is essential to achieve your goal. It prepares the skin to receive the rest of the active ingredients and will leave it much more receptive.

Telva What you should know (and do) ) if you want to have glowing skin like Alexa Chung's

When choosing a foundation, it should be as light and natural as possible, almost transparent. Avoid heavy and very covering formulas with a velvety finish. The idea is that the daily care has paid off and the base is an aid to achieve extra luminosity, not the fundamental tool to achieve it. Plus, and this is optional, you can also get a primer specifically formulated to boost luminosity. Some experts recommend mixing it with the foundation and applying it as if it were a single product.

The same goes for the highlighter. If you know how to use it, it will be key to achieving that glow effect. The keys? Do not use more than you really need -it will depend on the power of the highlighter- because you can get a very unflattering finish, and apply it only in the key areas: the upper part of the cheekbone, the arch of the eyebrow, the tear duct, the arch cupid, a touch in the center of the forehead and another on the septum or on the tip of the nose.

Once we have achieved skin with a glow effect thanks to makeup, the best thing to keep it in good condition throughout the day is to use a moisturizing mist. But don't confuse it with a setting spray, since this has the mission of setting the makeup, while the objective of the facial mist is to hydrate it.

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