Telva How to Get the Red Hair Tones You've Always Wanted (Whether You're Blonde or Brown)

Telva How to Get the Red Hair Tones You've Always Wanted (Whether You're Blonde or Brown)

HairThree color experts reveal how to find the rouge that best suits your hair to dare with the trendy hair colorUpdated

This season, street style is flooded with red tones in all its versions, from the most powerful to the most subtle. Of course, if you want to go to the red side with your hair, nothing like hitting the color that suits you best. To help you in the attempt, we asked three experts to ask your hairdresser.

Red tones for hair do not seem to go out of style and this fall winter 2019 2020 they are more in trend than ever. However, finding the rouge tone that suits you best is easier if you let yourself be advised by color experts who know the most.

The truth is that red tones always favor although you should know that depending on your base, some will be better than others. Several colorists give us their keys to hit the target.

As a maxim, the stylist Diana Daureo tells us that the "more the red tone resembles the base tone, the better the result will be and the ideal is that the reflection is in the same color range as the natural tone. That is, for blondes the redhead has to be light, and for brunettes darker".

This season, the experts at Llongueras point out that "the reds will be worn in all their versions but with a faded effect from the roots to add volume and movement to the hair without major color contrasts. In other words, the color will be worn again from the root that progressively lightens towards the ends and towards the face".

And to find the perfect red for hair, the ideal is to "create a harmonious color that contrasts with the tone of the skin, eyes and hair. That is, cold skins (they are skins through which the veins look bluish and they favor silver tones more), if the eye is a cold color too, like blue, they favor warm tones such as copper or orange; and on the other hand, if they are warm skins (they are skins on the that the veins are perceived as greenish and gold are more flattering), and if the eyes are also warm (green or brown), cool hair tones such as vibrant reds or mahogany look better" point out the firm's experts capillary.

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In addition, another factor to take into account is that if your base is light or your hair is blonde, "it is important to apply the exact doses of pigment to avoid a tone that is too bright and artificial. And if your hair is brown, you should go towards more pronounced tones enhancing the reddish pigments that hair naturally has, definitely mahogany.And with dark hair, the ideal would be broux, based on the fusion of the natural tone with a touch of red through subtle red and purple reflections ", tells us Álex Sestelo, the expert director and stylist of his own salon (Hermosilla 43, Madrid.

Also, in terms of the intensity of the reflections, it depends on taste, according to Diana Daureo. "The most daring can opt for strong tones, for example, intense oranges and those who seek naturalness, nothing like copper tones."

The redhead that suits you according to your eye color

When the eye color is light in shades of gray or blue "we should dye the hair in a dark red tone heading towards the range of browns" Sestelo clarifies. If your eyes are honey, hazel or green, there is nothing like choosing a lighter and warmer red, "peach cobbler or peach is perfect for softening the face, and even more so with a gradient without marked tint lines that goes from roots to ends with powdery orange tones with a natural effect", the expert recommends.

How to go redhead progressively?

If you want to gradually go red, "it is best to progressively add more brown and gold highlights to your usual tone, and so at each visit to the hairdresser, different doses of copper could be added, for a super natural progression. to this tone", recommends Daureo.

And when you have the red hue, how do you maintain it?

If you already have your hair with the perfect red tone, nothing like extra hydration to keep the color beautiful for longer with products that replenish the main pigments and "avoid heat tools as much as possible since they drag the pigmentation" concludes Sestelo.

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