Star makeup How to make wedding makeup yourself on your wedding day

Star makeup How to make wedding makeup yourself on your wedding day

¿Has decidido que te vas a maquillar tú en casa el día de tu boda, pero no sabes por dónde empezar? Aunque parece arriesgado, tanto si no tienes presupuesto como si eres una valiente, no te preocupes. Te doy todos los consejos que necesitas para que tu maquillaje de novia sea casi profesional.Maquillaje de estrellas Cómo hacerte el maquillaje de novia tú misma el día de tu boda  Maquillaje de estrellas Cómo hacerte el maquillaje de novia tú misma el día de tu boda

1. First rule to take into account?Ask for someone you trust.

2. Get all the basic and necessary materials to get your wedding look previously: brushes, brushes, lipstick, gloss, eye shadows, pencil and eyeliner, makeup base, makeup and blush.

3. Choose the look you want.Actually, there are basics that do not go out of fashion for all girlfriends, such as nude.It is a demonstration that illuminates the face with natural, fresh and simple shades.This summer, vintage or retro makeup also marks a trend, so you can risk a little more with the color of the lips, fuchsia roses, red coral matte or bright.sober and chic.

4. Say not to the eye shadows too colorful, unless it is a thematic wedding that this type of makeup requires.

5. To look with nails and lips you can inspire you Pantone for 2018: Roses, Violets and Lilas.

6. Remember to make a face cleaning before, so you will get more prepared to make up the big day and everything will be easier and more satisfying.

7. To begin with, the first thing is to apply a prebase, to unify the tones of the face of the face and start creating the base of your makeup.Then apply the makeup base and the concealer, but without exaggerating with the product.Choose an online makeup tone with your skin tone.And always choose quality products, that hydrate and do not dry the skin, if not, in the middle of the wedding, the makeup will be a disaster.

Is your skin clear?

Maquillaje de estrellas Cómo hacerte el maquillaje de novia tú misma el día de tu boda

• If you redden immediately, you must choose bases with beige nuances and correctors with a yellowish hue and avoid makeup bases with pink tones.

• For the eyes, choose champagne, gold or cold tones, such as the plum.The shadows in pastel tones, lilacs and roses are perfect for providing color to your tan without overloading makeup.

• If your wedding is daytime, avoid the black eyeliner in the lower eyelid, since it hardens the look and contrasts a lot with your skin clear.Options better for a delineated in the upper retro -style eyelid in black, brown or smoke gray.

• Choose soft nuances for your cheeks.Nacred coloretes are an excellent option because they will give you a metallic flash to your cheeks and cheekbones.Pink tones are perfect for this type of skin for your wedding during the day and night.And if you tanned, choose to intensify your look with slightly darker tones, such as fuchsia.

Is your skin brunette?

• The good thing is that it brives easily and at this time they show off with light bases in light textures and in warm tones that do not recharge your complexion.The colors that stand out most in this type of faces are intense and golden and metallic textures.

• In the eyes, and for a day look, use shadows in bronze, gold and beige tones with eyeliners in brown and chocolate tones, and black mask or dark brown waterproof for your eyelashes.Dare with green, turned and blue shadows that are fashionable and are your best allies to get a shocking look.

• Delineters in Green Tronesy Azules will also be perfect for the wedding look at night.

• For cheekbones, choose plum and oranges.

• Finally, moisturizes your lips and apply a transparent gloss or Rosasi you want a nude look, or choose a red or orange lipstick if you prefer to risk a little more.Mate lipsticks are also a fantastic and very fashionable option.

• As for the mascara, as is a day full of emotions, always use the waterproof.

• And make your friends carry in their bags the clarifiers and lipstick you have used in your makeup for small touch -ups.

My favorite list:

- Green me Hydrating Face Mist de Kiko Milano (€ 11 approx.) Compact makeup SPF15 Teint Miracle Lancôme (€ 43.50) .– Luminous Makeup Fund Silk Foundation Giorgio Armani (€ 54) .– Superhydnt fluid Silk effect Collistar (€ 34 approx.) .– Curther moisturizing gel of Aquasource CC gel (€ 22 approx.) Long Wear Even Foundation Bobby Brown (€ 50 approx.) .) - Smothing First of Sephora (€ 12) .– Powder Fo mineral powder makeup base Undation Evelom (€ 45 approx.) .) - Illuminator in Benefit's Up Bar Bar (€ 40) .– Khöl Eyes Pencil MaxFactor (€ 9) Infallible color l'Oréal Paris (€ 10 approx.) .– Corrector Sheer and Perfect Eyezone Shiseido Corrector (€ 36 approx.) Masterpice Max Factor (€ 16 approx.) .– Profusion Rouge Shine Sephora (€ 6) Lipstick of Beter (€ 25 approx.).

In The Artist Talents ( you can ask for a budget for one of your makeup artists to make up that day that day

That you are very happy!Until my next post!