Minineveras for makeup and cosmetics, the last eccentricity (or not) of the "Beauty Freaks" - South Boulevard

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Las redes sociales vuelven a hablarnos de una nueva tendencia del mundo de la belleza. Como sabéis, siempre estamos al tanto de las novedades y lanzamientos para informaros y que podáis elegir vosotras mismas si apuntaros a ellas o invertir en esos productos.Minineveras para maquillaje y cosméticos, la última excentricidad (o no) de las «beauty freaks» - Bulevar Sur Minineveras para maquillaje y cosméticos, la última excentricidad (o no) de las «beauty freaks» - Bulevar Sur

Do you remember the minilavators for makeup sponges?Well, prepare for a new invention: the minineveras for your cosmetic and makeup products.They are small, flirtatious, fun and necessary?We review the phenomenon for you to know the details of these mining that keep your beauty products fresh.

The creators of The Beauty Fridge say that their mission with their beauty minine is to offer beauty lovers a stylish and easy solution that fits perfectly with their care routine.They have the mini refrigerators in three colors (white, pink and green water) and their price is around 200 euros.

"Experience luxury at your fingertips, with that special touch to your personal care routine that I never knew," they say from the brand.It has several shelves to divide the space according to the type of products you want to refrigerate.It has a capacity of 10 liters, its measures are 29 cm x 34 cm x 24 cm, its power allows you to keep the products up to 3º C with thermoelectric energy, ecological and efficient cooling.

Minineveras para maquillaje y cosméticos, la última excentricidad (o no) de las «beauty freaks» - Bulevar Sur

But do we really need a mininevera for creams and makeup?If you live in areas where high temperatures are common in summer, you have surely lived some situation in which your lipstick bar has suffered so much in the forgotten bag in the car, which has ceased to be solid ...

In addition, there are many cosmetic products that require refrigeration for optimal conservation and end up in the fridge with vegetables and dairy.That was one of the ideas that made the creators of this brand of Minineveras bet on this project that is revolutionizing the "Beauty Freaks".

"In a colder environment, not only can the useful life of cosmetic products prolong, but it can also help better skin absorption, at the same time as they calm it," they add.Of course, it has been shown that the cold is always a positive element for all beauty treatments.

Sales success has already made many brands that have launched their makeup minineveras and cosmetics to the market.One of them is Facetory (its price is around 100 euros), there are also The Cosmetics Fridge (from 80 to 160 euros), Cooluli (has 4, 10 and 15 l models from 40 euros) and Saranghae (about 70 euros).

Although the truth is that the beauty and makeup products that do not expressly indicate the need for cold have passed security controls that allow them to remain in correct conditions without being refrigerated.The truth is that if you live in cities with extreme temperatures, they can suffer and end melted.In those cases, it may be a good idea to have a mininevera at home.


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