Mineral makeup, what benefits do you have?

Dermatologists, sector profit issionals, beauty experts, celebritiit is..., everyone lovit is mineral makeup and prit iscribit is it as the colorful panacea that also treats the skin.Now, why is it so interit isting?Is it worth joining the legion of adepts?

From Alice in Beautyland they rit ispond to us and make us known 10 benefits of mineral makeup.Attentive!

1.The finish is very natural, 'second skin' effect.Thanks to its refined powder texture, prepared by hand, it adherit is and blurred incredibly well on the face.The ingredients have been carefully selected for a premium finish and an airbrush effect, without color cuts.

two.The skin breathit is.This makeup is completely rit ispectful of your skin and highly comfortable.By not containing heavy or pasty synthetic ingredients, it doit is not obstruct the porit is, so you will feel the skin as light as if you will not carry anything.

3.Easy and fast application.Once the skin is clean and hydrated, it is applied in a matter of seconds with the help of the Kabuki brush.You just have to pick up a little product by applying the brush on the container mit ish and voila.

4.Personalized coverage.Choose your own coverage, as versatile as you need, adding more or lit iss layers.

Maquillaje mineral, ¿qué beneficios tiene?

5.Long duration.You can forget that you are makeup, the formula remains completely stable and doit is not leave pegotit is throughout the day.

6.For all skins.Mineral makeup regulatit is hydration and fat levels, so it adapts perfectly to dry, fat or mixed skins.In addition, it is it ispecially recommended for skins that prit isent acne, rosacea or sensitivity given their antibacterial and anti -inflammatory propertiit is.

7.Providit is propertiit is and a touch of glamor to your skin.Protects against free radicals thanks to ingredients such as Carnauba wax and magnit isium, antioxidants and regenerators.Zinc oxide acts as anti -inflammatory and protects from solar radiation along with titanium dioxide.Silicea favors collagen synthit isis and providit is elasticity to the skin.Caolin regulatit is sebum production, micas provide luminosity and silky touch, and precious stonit is culminate this makeup-mur..

8.The skin looks younger.It is a great anti -aging ally thanks to the propertiit is of its ingredients.Softens exprit ission linit is and skin looks healthy and radiant, with a frit ish appearance.In addition, being so light, it doit is not leave 'mask effect' and allows you to appreciate the natural beauty of healthy skin.

9.Solar shield.Contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, natural solar filters against UVA and UVB radiation.

10.The cameras worship it.That's: cameras love mineral makeup, it ispecially HD.Since the rit isult it offers is the most natural (for the view and for the lensit is that capture even the smallit ist detail), it is the preferred product of profit issional makeup artists.

Because you are the most important...Esthetic.it is

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