Mascara: Expert tricks to squeeze this cosmetic to the maximum

Mascara: Expert tricks to squeeze this cosmetic to the maximum

Are you able to calculate the years you have been applying mask on your eyelashes?And in an exercise of sincerity, do you think you get the whole game to this product?Now that you have the answer, we will tell you that when applying this product there are errors that are very common, but today we are going to discover how to squeeze their full potential.

For many of ours.But, can you imagine everything that can do the mask for your eyelashes if a professional reveals all the expert tricks to take advantage of?Exactly that is what Gisela Bosque, National Makeup Artist by Sephora has done.

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One of the first secrets that the makeup artist has revealed to us is that this product acts as a protector of external agents for eyelashes.Exercises as a protective barrier that prevents them from damaging.Precisely for that reason, it is important.

Perhaps another curiosity that you did not know is that we are born with a limited number of eyelashes and those that we have for a lifetime -here we explain why they fall -.Therefore, in forest words, it is key to choose with care all the products we put on them, so that they provide benefits in health terms and keep them in the best possible state.

To know which products are the ones that most favor our eyelashes you have to know them well and choose them based on the characteristics of them.Just as we choose the makeup base depending on the tone of our skin and whether the dermis is dry, fat or mixed, we will select the mask depending on whether our eyelashes are short, long, if they curve, if they have pigment, etc..We must also consider that each tab has a different capacity to endure weight on it, depending on yours you can choose lighter or heavier formulas.

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Máscara de pestañas: trucos de experta para exprimir al máximo este cosmético

On the other hand, the use of the mask and the temperature of the vaho that occurs affects the eye zone and this can have an impact on the state of the mask formula, causing it to fall into copitos or that stains occur.For this it is useful to use masks with vegetable ceramids such as Big By Definition, by Sephora, since these formulas resist temperature changes and once applied do not break.

Máscara de pestañas 'Big by definition'
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Basic steps to apply eyelashes

Before starting you have to take into account the style we want to achieve and therefore what type of brush we will use.For this you also have to take into account the personal style of each woman, since it will determine our goal.

On the other hand, some that not everyone knows is that in all products of this type, the liquid is found on the walls of the tube, so the gesture to be done to take it is to turn the brush around them.Then, you have to remove the excess making the same turn movement on the packaging of the container.

Knowing this, they will be aware that we must avoid making the compulsive gesture to put and repeatedly take out the brush, since with this the only thing we get is to fill the formula with air and dry before.

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Now that we have the prepared brush the first pass we must give it through the upper area of the eyelashes to eliminate any rest of shadow that may have fallen.After that, we must approach everything possible to the root of them and apply a second layer.With the diagonal brush we will combat each of the eyelashes to expand the look and get the desired fan effect.In this step do not forget the inner tabs, since you will contribute to provide a sensation of density.

To make up the lower eyelashes, if we want to get a day -to -day look we must do it with the vertical brush.We will give a light touch of color, so that the prominence continues to be in the upper zone.If you are putting up for an event and want a more dramatic finish, you can influence the lower line, do it little by little and make sure you are not uncomfortable with the result.

Keep in mind that our eyelashes are not the same in both eyes.These asymmetries can be corrected when makeup, making a previous analysis and being aware of the needs of each eye.

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Finally, do not forget that when the product expiration date passes, you should not try to relive the mask, with oil, or with water, because that formula will no longer have its optimal conditions.Its useful life is over and we must replace it.

And if you are wondering when we must apply the curling, Gisela points out that it is not a step that we should include daily, since with this instrument a pressure on the tab that can weaken or split it is exerted.The first thing you should do is consider if you need.If so, reserve its use for special events you can also use it to make a cut-create.

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