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The Mac Cosmetics firm is characterized forever to give its consumers new products that are the result of wonderful collaborations that all fascinate.

For example, the collection will be launched in collaboration with Selena or the Lipsticks Viva Glam with Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj, but no other could be as iconic as the alliance we will tell you next.

As part of the celebration of its 61th anniversary, Barbie joins the line of collaborations of the cosmetics brand and brings an unparalleled lipstick for all lovers of makeup and the most fashionista doll in history.

Mac Cosmetics lanza colaboración con Barbie | Noticias de México | EL IMPARCIAL

With his “International Beauty Creators” initiative, Mac Cosmetics recognizes the legacy of the Barbie wrist and gives his name to a new Lipstick tone in honor of his career and his 61st birthday.

The pink tone of this collaboration is unmatched and representative of Barbie, a rose gum subtone in matte finish and that looks good for many skin tones.

In addition to all, the lipstick packaging is beautiful, worthy of the world of Barbie, in golden color and with a metal finish.

The Lipstick Barbie Style is now available for purchase at the official Mac Cosmetics site.It will be a limited edition, so do not hesitate and go for yours.

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