Lifestyle Lifestyle Can the ride ruin the eyelashes?

Lifestyle Lifestyle Can the ride ruin the eyelashes?

Although there are many people who use mascara daily (and more since the pandemic forced us to carry masks and the eyes seem to want to stand out more), the truth is that this is a makeup product than like any other, it requires a good application and also, that we withdraw it at the end of the day.Only then will we prevent the rímel from ruining our eyelashes.

Can the ride ruin the eyelashes?

This beauty product serves to give thickness to the eyelashes, but also a greater length and a darker color.Essentially, the Rímel covers the natural eyelashes with a pigment, but this pigment is not totally harmless, since it entails a series of risks when it does not withdraw in the right way.Are these:


You should know that your eyelashes are covered with small sebaceous glands (called Meibomio glands) that help keep nourished hair and protected eyes.If you use Rímel daily, you run the risk of accumulating if it is not removed correctly.And when there is a product accumulation, the Meibomio glands are blocked.This can lead us to end up suffering demeibomianitis, viral or fungal infections.The signs of an infection can include crying or dry eyes, sensation of burning in the eyes, blurred vision and light sensitivity.

Infections are not only caused by excessive application, but also by the use of old cosmetics.Even the most expensive products on the market have an expiration date.Unfortunately, many people continue to use them long after they have expired.And it seems that the rímel is the cosmetic that is applied "old" in most cases.But how long should it last once open?Use is recommended for 3 months.Use after the expiration date (found in the package) can cause redness, inflammation and staphylococcal infections.

Lifestyle Lifestyle Can the ride ruin the eyelashes?

Dry eyelashes

If you do not eliminate the rímel before bedtime, you will possibly notice that the eyelashes are drier, which in turn can make the cornea fall and scratch.

Loss of eyelashes

Most people apply rimel to thicken the eyelashes and make them look more full.However, its use during a prolonged period can cause the fall in the eyelashes, if we also do not stop applying product without removing what we already have.

Premature signs of aging

What do the eyelashes have to do with wrinkles?If you take away your makeup and then you rub the eye area vigorously, maybe pulling the eyelashes to remove the lumps from a low quality rímel, you could cause swelling, small bruises but also early signs of aging aging.

Contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses, you must be special care to keep ocular health, especially if you use rimel.Bad hygiene can cause irritation and possibly infection.What can you do?You don't have to give up your favorite product.However, it better chooses a sensitive eye formula, which is tested and ophthalmologically approved.

Rímel vs Rímel Waterproof

The water -resistant eyelashes or waterproof comes with the addition of wax and silicone that make it sweat resistant, tears and water.It is more aggressive than the normal ride because with this cosmetic the eyelashes lose moisture and tend to dry.However, you can still fight the effect using little and take the time to eliminate it gently.

Ingredients to avoid

There are excellent masks that can do a lot of good for your eyelashes.What to pay attention to?Obviously, as you have understood, to application and elimination, and then to the ingredients.These are the ones you should avoid at all costs:

How to use the rímel correctly

If you want to use Rímel, there are some application and elimination tips that will help you maintain your healthy eyelashes.