Kylie Jenner reveals that it takes three and a half hours to make up Register for free to continue reading

Kylie Jenner reveals that it takes three and a half hours to make up Register for free to continue reading

Kylie Jenner has revealed that it takes three and a half hours to be completely made up for the confusion of her followers.

The tycoon talked about her long routine during a new YouTube video with her lifelong makeup artist Ariel Tejada, where she revealed that she spends a significant part of that time on her phone to Tejada's frustration.

Jenner shared the idea of her beauty routine while Tejada talked about her favorite and least favorite things about working with the reality show star. The makeup artist revealed that his least favorite part is when the 23-year-old doesn't give her all her attention.

"you're always on your phone and sometimes I say, 'look up, look up, look down,' and then she looks up," Tejada said.

In response, Jenner said, "First of all, I work on my phone all day and then the only way I'm going to spend three and a half hours of makeup with you is if I get a little fun."


Kylie Jenner revela que tarda tres horas y media en maquillarse Register for free to continue reading

During the video, Jenner also revealed that his "least favorite" part of the process is how long it takes, before recognizing: "but, in the end, I'm happy. You know, every second is worth it, but it takes forever."

The revelation provoked a variety of reactions among Jenner's fans, and many wondered if that time could be used better.

"three and a half hours he could have spent with his daughter. Nothing as priorities, "one person wrote on Twitter, referring to Kylie Cosmetics founder's three-year-old daughter Stormi.

Another said, "Oh, great. I spend about 15 minutes dressing up and it's only that time because my kids interrupt me and they're my priority. "

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However, others used the information to make an important point about beauty standards, and someone else pointed out that, if Jenner takes as long as he's wearing too little makeup, it's worth remembering when you see someone who looks perfect with "just a few makeup marks."

"it takes 3.5 hours of makeup service to make it look like it's wearing very little makeup," they wrote. "remember this next time you see someone whose face looks perfect without 'almost no makeup'."

While there was some criticism in response to the confession, many of Jenner's fans were also interested in the whole process, and another follower expressed his desire to see all the long makeup application.

"I would love to see a full glamour from the beginning to the end of three hours, without cuts. Kylie is really the beauty standard of our generation and it would be amazing to be able to see how her look is done from start to finish. It's really an art, "they commented on YouTube.