Kim Kardashian or Lady Gaga?The singer impacts with her new look

Kim Kardashian or Lady Gaga?The singer impacts with her new look

It is not the first time that Lady Gaga surprises with a mysteriously similar look to Kim Kardashian.Almost a year ago, the singer received a wave of comments on her Instagram account for some images in which she appeared with platinum blonde hair and a style very similar to that of the businesswoman.A few months later, Gaga does it again with his last change of look: let the roots grow in his platinum hair and sign up for the monochromatic look with deep necklines that Kardashian has become his identity seal.How will your new image be taken this time?

In its last appearance, the Elle Women in Hollywood party, Lady Gaga has worn an oversize jacket suit with a vertiginous neckline in 'V' accompanied by platinum blonde hair with dark roots, which picked up in a polished horse tail with central line,and a makeup look with contouring as the protagonist and with nude lips over-the gossal finish.Lady Gaga's inspiration seems clear and, at first glance, anyone could confuse the singer with Kim, who wore similar styling in November last year with XL monochromatic jacket suit and the hair collected in an almost identical way.

¿Kim Kardashian o Lady Gaga? La cantante impacta con su nuevo look

With this new look, Lady Gaga shows that she does not care about the criticisms that point to her fixation with Kim Kardashian, because, in December 2017, the singer had to read many comments about it on her social networks."You are not Kim K", "Kim Kardashian's lost premium" or "Be yourself, the rest of the world is already caught", they are just an example of the negative reaction of a part of her followers who did not take them very wellThe alleged tribute that the star gave to Kim.Now, you just have to wait for Gaga to share his new image on social networks to know whether the so -called The Little Monsters (the little monsters, as the singer's followers are defined) or not approve the new stylistic course of her idol.

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