Brillo or mate?Two very different makeup styles

Brillo or mate?Two very different makeup styles


Dazzling, with glitter and litmus colors, or of matt effect, discreet and in ‘nude’ tones.There is a type of makeup for every occasion or taste, and the good news is that everyone takes

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one.Teint Idole Ultra Wear Stick, from Lancôme.Comfortable and long -lasting stick blush.For all skin types, even the most sensitive.45.32 euros. 2.Météorites Gold Pearls, by Guerlain.Light revealing pearls.They apply with fat brush all over the face.58.95 euros. 3.Rouge Bush, from Dior.Long -term powder blush.Natural effect, illuminates and sculpts the cheekbone.49 euros. 4.The Slim Velvet Radical Rouge à Lèvres, by Ysl Beauté.High pigmentation and durable lipstick.35,45 euros. 5.Ombres à Paupières Syren, by Byredo.Five bright and metallic shades in a luxury polvera.62 euros.In Abanuc. 6.Fresh Pearl Glow Stick, by Beter.Easy and blurred with your fingers with light and blurred cream illuminator.It is vegan. one2,90 euros. 7.Extra dimension skinfinish poudre lumière, from Mac.Illuminator with very bright reflexes for a brilliant finish.36 euros. 8.Lip Gloss, by Mary Kay.Lip brightness with vitamin C and E.Jutosa Boca instantly. one8,67 euros. 9.Givenchy Free Prisme Free.Loose powders in several shades.5one,99 euros. one0.Eye Effectts Shadow Palette, by Pixi By Petra.Eye shadows with easy to apply pigments that adhere to the eyelid like a second skin.24,95 euros.


one.Pure color whipped Matte, by Estée Lauder.Light lip mousse, but of great coverage and matt effect.34 euros. 2. Les4 Ombres, de Chanel.Multiple -effect eye shadows.Its four shades intensify the gaze without contributing thickness or heaviness on the eyelids.49,99 euros. 3.All Matt Shine Control, from Catrice. Sin aceites, one8 horas de cobertura, tolerada por pieles sensibles. one5,64 euros. 4.Phyto-Teint Nude, by Sisley.FLUID MAKEUE EFFECT SKIN.To get a nude complexion and enhance luminosity.75 euros. 5.Play Tint, from Benefit.Liquid color blushed for lips and cheeks.It catches with your fingers and brings a natural appearance.On the lips is resistant to kisses.20,99 euros. 6.Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing, Shiseido.Makeup background for a long -lasting finish.Resists moisture, gestures and friction. SPF30.52,50 euros. 7.Blush Velvet Sensitive Skin Lab, Sensilis.Creamy moisturizing blush.Enhance the cheekbones.Special sensitive skins.30,90 euros.In pharmacies. 8.Jaune Impérial Les Mains, by Hermès.Nail lacquer in yellow tone. Existen otros23 colores.45 euros. 9.Basic Colurstick, from Camaleon Cosmetics.Moisturizing lipstick of intense color and great coverage.With Aloe Vera, Rosa Mosqueta and Cocoa butter.9,90 euros. one0.Skin Illusion Velvet, by Clarins.Matte effect and moisturizing coverage makeup background.Attenuates brightness.40,50 euros.


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¿Brillo o mate? Dos estilos de maquillaje muy diferentes