From Poland to Spain: the success of anti-aging creams that respect the environment

From Poland to Spain: the success of anti-aging creams that respect the environment

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In an age where makeup looks have become so simplified that tinted BB Creams have immediately replaced full-coverage foundations, many women's interest in skincare is only growing. Finding an effective routine is the tireless search of the moment, and it is that, in the era of no makeup, a smooth, luminous and blemish-free complexion is what most of their creams ask for, neither more nor less. Added to this optimal performance is the philosophy of sustainable living that prevails in the 21st century, an environmental awareness that includes beauty rituals and that asks its formulas to achieve the corresponding clean seal. In response to these beauty prayers, brands such as the Polish Dr Irena Eris, the French Nuxe, the British Pai Skincare or the Spanish Cocunat, show that concern for sustainability is a worldwide crusade.

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Dr Irena Eris: Supreme Polish Quality

From Poland comes Dr Irena Eris, a brand that offers luxurious formulas in harmony with nature. Its green commitment ranges from its offices and factories that obtain their electricity from renewable energies, to its plastic-free philosophy that includes everything from an environment free of disposable bottles, cutlery or cups, to the use of biodegradable materials in its packaging. As for their cosmetics, they promise innovative, powerful and effective antiaging solutions, the result of the research of their expert scientists. Like its new Y Lifting remodeling range, created to redraw the facial contour and which includes a serum, an eye contour, a day cream with SPF20 and this intensive night cream, Y-Lifting Perfect Remodeling Repair Night Cream, which also decreases wrinkles in a multidirectional way.

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Nuxe BIO: from France with love

A small laboratory in Paris is where the story of Nuxe began more than 30 years ago. Its protagonist? A woman, Aliza Jabès, graduated in Political Science and with a master's degree in Marketing and Finance, whose passion for the properties of plants led her to bet on formulas of natural origin produced in France. Within the brand they have a range certified with the BIO seal and launches such as their Antioxidant Essential Serum, created from stabilized vitamin C and chia seed extracts: the satiating super-ingredient that stars in the breakfasts of women with great looks. On the skin, this active ingredient enhances luminosity, smoothness and protects against damage caused by stress, pollution or fatigue.

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Pai: A New Zealander's Dream

From Poland to Spain: the success of anti-aging creams that respect the environment

This iconic regenerating oil is called Rosehip BioRegenerate and earned its status as a natural cosmetics must-have by convincing beauty connoisseurs of its effectiveness as a multi-purpose treatment. Her director is Sarah Brown, a New Zealander who, tired of the reactions she suffered due to her sensitive skin, wanted to create a brand in the United Kingdom that today accumulates awards across the globe. As for its bestseller with an unmistakable herbaceous aroma, a mixture of the highest quality rosehip oil and natural vitamin E are responsible for combating the extreme dryness of dehydrated areas, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, treating scars, reversing sun damage...

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La Provençale BIO de La Provence

"Our logo is inspired by the engraving of a harvester from French Provence, signed by Charles Edward Perugini (1888). It was a natural choice to remember that Provence has always excelled in the art of growing plants and flowers with extraordinary benefits", the brand explains about its origins. As for their philosophy, at La Provençale they firmly believe in the efficacy of natural cosmetics as long as they opt for powerful active ingredients such as those in their formulas. An example? Its Anti-Aging Micellar Water, a cleanser and make-up remover with organic olive oil extracts, rich in polyphenols that hydrates, tones and tightens the skin.

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Cocunat: the Spanish brand that triumphs around the world

Sara Werner is the mind behind a toxic-free brand, that is, she filters each ingredient individually to guarantee that each one of them is 100% free of toxins. In addition, its assets are biodegradable, its packaging and packaging, recycled, and they promise cosmetics that are as safe as they are effective. Proof of this is his treatment for The Architect eye contour, which boasts an exceptional fan: Paula Echevarría. This treatment ritual has two steps: the first, The Architect, which "penetrates the deepest layer of the skin, reducing expression lines and deepest wrinkles" as stated by Cocunat; and the second, The Lift, "perfect for special occasions, because it instantly erases the signs of fatigue, restores splendor to the skin and immediately tightens it with a lifting effect" that lasts for more than 8 hours.

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Bare Minerals: US Passport

They launched their first mineral foundation in 1995, a product that catapulted them to success. Today, this brand of American origin with a clean philosophy has a makeup and treatment line, as well as a world-famous ambassador: Hailey Baldwin. In mask times, nothing better to prove its effectiveness than an intensive clay-based cleaning treatment, Double Duty Clay Mask Duo: Brighten & Firm, a two-step ritual: the violet, Be Bright, contains pomegranate extract and papaya enzymes to gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it smooth and luminous; the green one, Be Firm, combats the appearance of wrinkles and deeply nourishes thanks to its kale seeds and watermelon extract.

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Weleda: direct from Switzerland

In 1921, Weleda was born in a small Swiss laboratory with its own garden of medicinal plants. To this day, this natural brand convinces even Victoria Beckham herself, who points to the mythical Skin Food formula as essential in her beauty ritual. Its highly effective and innovative formulas "are the result of combining the natural sciences with the spiritual sciences, understanding these as those that contemplate the non-physical qualities (those that allow us to have an individual, personal and non-transferable psychology and biography) of the human being and of living beings", they explain from the brand. As an anti-aging option, this Pomegranate Firming Day Cream, suitable for vegans, accelerates the cell renewal process through the antioxidant power of its organic pomegranate oils.

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Mi Rebotica: pharmacy formulas from Talavera de la Reina

This brand was born in Toledo, which is committed to the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical formulation together with a philosophy of real cosmetics: "The job done with care in an almost artisanal way, as in the old back rooms, together with a deep respect and admiration for nature is what has made us opt for 100% natural active ingredients that take us back to the origins of official preparations", reveal from Mi Rebotica about his know-how based on the deep knowledge of how pharmacy formulations work. For example, this Stem Cell Nourishing Cream with aloe vera, centella asiatica extract, anti-aging peptides, vitamins A and E and, of course, liposome stem cells from the vine.

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