Purple blush is the new pink: how to wear trendy blush

Purple blush is the new pink: how to wear trendy blush

2022, a year of changes, also in the rules of makeup, whose maxim seems to be one: dare. And with the purple blush is what is going to happen to us this year. And it is that if you have not yet come across anyone on Tik Tok or Reels dedicating full tutorials to purple blush, you are not in this world.

Gisela Bosque, Sephora's National Make Up Artist, tells us that "the cream and powder formulas in plum, mauve or lavender tones have been counted by thousands among the short videos and, although at first they may seem somewhat extreme, the truth is which is an especially flattering shade.”

Have you ever thought about changing your classic pink blush to blush your cheeks with a mauve shade? Well this is your year. We confirm: purple is the new pink.

Photo: Isidore Montag / Gorunway

Why is purple flattering?

These tones that may seem so risky, are the most to give a natural blush to the skin beyond pink, whatever your skin is. The darkest even emulate the effect of a sunny day and a very bright natural tan tone.

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And it is that together with this trend, others such as 90's style lips (with hyper-defined lips with eyeliner and brown tones) or the Euphoria effect, promoted by the fashion series with graphic glitter eyes and appliqués, it is intuited that the makeup is celebrating. And we are not going to stay with the desire to try because this year, yes, yes.

How to use purple blush

The basic rule: do not go overboard. And it is that you run the risk of being like an extra artificial doll. Apply it much lighter than your classic pinks, reds or corals. And above all, spread it perfectly, always up and never below the cheekbones. Apply the mauve tone to the upper areas of the cheeks and blend with a makeup brush or sponge.

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To begin with, whet your appetite with these blush proposals in mauve, purple and plum tones and see for yourself how flattering they are. You're going to hallucinate!

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