Carmen Maura: "When I started it was a tragedy that a girl would like to be an actress"

Carmen Maura: "When I started it was a tragedy that a girl would like to be an actress"

Carmen Maura (Madrid, 75 years old) is not impressed to consider her a legend."It's that I spend a total," he answers with air effectively.Because Maura, in addition to a myth of Spanish cinema, is a star in France, a country where long seasons has resided “although I have not been going to my Paris apartment for almost three years.Between pandemic and filming ... ”, he has resignation while walking through Madrid to his dog, Rita.The cultural journalist Paula said in a moment of ¡Oh, Carmen! The exhaustive and exciting documentary about the actress led by Fernando Méndez-Leite in 2020-in which that small Parisian attic is seen to which the actress has not been able to returnLately - that what most caught Carmen Maura's attention as she approached her figure to write her biography was to realize to what extent "she was a pioneer without being a discursive woman.It was incredible his ability to overcome the destiny of conventional woman that life had prepared him ”.

It is true that Maura set out to be an actress at a time when that was for a woman a real problem of honor, especially in her case, which belonged to a "good" family, he ran an art gallery, was married and hadTwo children, of those who took the custody when they separate precisely because it was supposed to have not a sufficiently "honorable" profession.Perhaps, as she herself is fashionable, it was this personal situation that made her profession de -law and take it as a game "which is what remains for me.A game, neither more nor less.And it is what I try to convey to the young girls with whom I work: that they do not scare, that there is not so much, that reading some lines is no drama.When I started doing it, I had much bigger problems than I occupy ”.

That carelessness regarding the profession was the one that led her to manage her career personally and without agents for 20 years: “I think it was a good decision.If I had had someone advancing me, they would probably have recommended that he go from Almodóvar, who was then considered a madman.I had a career in the theater and that was what was then considered prestigious.But I opted for him because I wanted and I was not wrong ".Ironies of life, it is just the public perception of the profession that has been exercising a lifetime that most attracts attention if you think about the new generations with which she works: “Then it was a tragedy that a girl would like to be an actress and nowTo many their parents little less than push them to be ".Maura, who has gone through emotionally very complicated phases in his life (his second divorce, of a man who had been doing fraudulent management of his heritage -or what is the same, stole -) speaks without ambiguity of the most cadent themeof summer, to take care of mental health in the professional field, says that despite everything he has never wanted to go to the help of professionals: «I am my therapist myself.I do my therapies myself: I write lists of pros and cons ».And shuffles the possibility of selling your method?"It's a good idea," he says laughs, "maybe it should patent the Carmen Maura method".

Carmen Maura: «Cuando yo empecé era una tragedia que una chica quisiera ser actriz»

But despite the vital cost he has had for Maura the decision he made and that at home he was told that “he was very old to start”, four Goyas, a César, a prize for best actress of the Cannes Festival and 40 years later continue working.“At this point in my life what I would like is to have to work less, yes.I work too much.Luckily this stage is already totally calm and peaceful ". 

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