Baseofsweden, the winner and revolutionary makeup brand that acts like your second skin

Baseofsweden, the winner and revolutionary makeup brand that acts like your second skin
  1. María Lantero

Después de una trayectoria profesional dentro de empresas internacionales y con experiencia en mercados desafiantes como África Occidental, Asia Central y Medio Oriente, dar el paso para comenzar su propia empresa fue algo natural para la CEO y fundadora de Baseofsweden, Jasmine Lundqvist. Desde ganar el premio de maquillaje más importante del mundo con su base de maquillaje The Base Foundation, hasta contar con inversionistas como Gunilla von Platen y Victoria Silvstedt, Jasmine ha llegado a crear una compañía a nivel global que no deja de cosechar éxitos. La CEO cree en una industria de belleza más equitativa, apostando por la innovación y la transparencia, con una clara visión, "maquillaje que realmente ejerza su función", cosméticos con alta funcionalidad para un activo estilo de vida.

With what purpose was the brand born?

Baseofsweden develops makeup to exercise its function.We are a Swedish brand focused on manufacturing the best base products adapted to an active lifestyle.Baseofsweden was launched in 2019 with the vision that his makeup should function as a second layer of skin and mix naturally with his lifestyle.We wanted to give women the same freedom in their own skin and create cosmetics that would work as a tool and adapt to consumer activities, and not vice versa.We create a life -proof formula.

What was missing from this sector to cover?

To be able to meet different needs, we felt that women had to buy many different products.There was no product that solved many of the daily skin problems.Talking to friends and studying the community, many women, for example, said they did not go to the gym during the lunch pause because they did not have time to make up again or off -road mothers directly skipped the time to make up, etc..Taking into account many cases of this type, we wanted in the market and we could not find a second solution for the skin that was present in all kinds of activities and that was soft for the skin.We simply want our clients to spend more time living and wearing their best at the same time.Baseofsweden was launched with the vision that makeup should work as a second skin and mix naturally with a customer's lifestyle.

What differentiates your brand from its competitors?

Our star product, the makeup base The Base Foundation, won the Beauty Award Cosmo Award for "Best Makeup Product 2019" at the world's largest beauty fair, Cosmoprof, in Bologna, Italy.This clearly gave us the recognition that the brand needed.The singularity of the base lies in several USP in a product and also in the strong angle of innovation.The makeup base has several strong attributes, such as the first cosmetic of use of 72 hours in the market that is salted waterproof.Basically, you can apply it in your skin, go swim, shower, exercise and even wash with soap and stay perfectly in place.This naturally gives the consumer a lot of freedom during the day.At the same time, everything is vegan and we have eliminated parabens, pegs, sulfates, talc, etc..To be breathable and friendly for the most sensitive skins.Our goal is to be innovative and provide functionality and functionality in cosmetics.

What have you taken from your work experience in L'Oreal to your own business?

 Baseofsweden, la ganadora y revolucionaria marca de maquillaje que actúa como tu segunda piel

Naturally, I learned a lot from all my previous works, however, working for the luxury division, I understood very well how demanding and highly polite that consumers are in the Premium segment.They know exactly what kind of products they want and what to look for in each ingredient.This raised the bar when establishing my own standards and developing Baseofsweden.

What innovations or technologies will we see in the near future within your brand?

Our mission is to create the best makeup base products for men and women and we will continue to do so.With each new launch, we will consider the needs of our consumers and the community and develop products that facilitate the daily use of makeup.We believe that seeing yourself and feeling good should be simple and as natural as anything else.

What would you like to achieve with your Baseofsweden brand?

Our goal is, without a doubt, to become the reference brand for all basic functional makeup products worldwide.We want to achieve this goal by connecting with real people and offering real solutions to look as well as possible while the client leads an active lifestyle.With Baseofsweden we also access a large unattended market;Women and men who do not have time for full makeup but are interested in functional basic products that are perfectly integrated with their lifestyle.This can be, for example, a mother, a very busy father, an elite athlete, an entrepreneur, etc..Most makeup brands "speak" with an audience with great interest in makeup and beauty.We also do this, of course, but we also talked to an audience that may not even have a base boat in the bathroom.

A very important tool for us is obviously social networks.Our strategy here is to use social networks (partly) as our clients do.We use a lot of "real life" content where lighting may not be so perfect or the background is not an impeccable target.Make it more raw and "more real" helps us get a deeper connection with the client.We like to show that everyone can use Baseofsweden, regardless of their age, activity, lifestyle, interest and gender.

What is your bestseller?

The Foundation Base is designed exclusively to function as your second skin.It adapts to the weather to resist sweat and humidity without obstructing pores and is guaranteed to last all day.Has been acclaimed worldwide for its long durability, matte finish and drying effect.The base creates a soft and humid surface on the skin and is buildable, which allows it to create everything from a natural matte finish to a total appearance of total coverage.The base comes in 12 tones and can be used for both the face and the body.It is made for all types of skins and dermatologically proven for daily use.It cannot be removed with soap or with most of the screen maker, so we have created a personalized strawberry for a complete and convenient experience.

Over time, vegan products become more important, why do you think this is happening?

One of the most important reasons for this trend is that it has been shown that vegan cosmetics are better for the skin, especially for sensitive skin (prone to acne).Often vegan cosmetics products contain less and more natural ingredients.All our products are suitable for all types of skins, including sensitive skins.All our products are vegan, without talc, without sls, without fragrances and without parabens.

In addition, a sustainable lifestyle becomes increasingly important these days.Within this lifestyle many people chose for example or no flesh or even became vegan.The choice of plant -based cosmetics is also friendlier with the environment and animals because vegan cosmetics do not contain any animal by -products.In addition, Baseofsweden products are never proven in animals and, therefore, are "free of cruelty".From the first day we started our brand, we decided to produce only vegan and free products of animal cruelty.In this way we can offer our customers the most "clean" products without losing sight of our environment.

Are you planning to expand your brand to a new country?

At the moment we are preparing a great launch in Japan, a very important market for us.The United States will also arrive soon and in the meantime we do not stop.We are constantly expanding since we want everyone to discover our fantastic products.

Victoria Silvstedt is your brand's ambassador, what made you choose it and how can you relate it to your brand's values?

Victoria was a judge in a start -up contest in which I participated and fell in love with the product and wanted to meet me.It was love at first sight and we decided to grow the business together, since she has a very strong entrepreneurial mentality.We are both true fans, working hard with our feet on the ground.Victoria is a very important asset for our company with more than 20 years of experience in beauty and media.You are not afraid to reinvent yourself and try new things that have helped our growth.Having a Swedish businesswoman so famous that it supports our vision with your knowledge and experience has been very important for our global trip.

How has pandemic affected the business?(pros and cons)

It has been a challenging year for us;Finding in the middle of a pandemic being an emerging company, it wasn't something for which I was prepared.However, although we had challenges, we cannot complain at all.We were forced to think differently and managed to improve our approach, which resulted in significant growth for our online store.We offer all our customers a service every day of the week through our social channels to successfully help them to choose the right tone and products for your skin.My team is always "connected" since the importance of the instantaneous response is very important these days.I think the pandemic also opened the doors to many opportunities so that the smallest brands grow and reach new consumers.I have also noticed that consumers changed their way of buying, today consumers like to support smaller and more authentic brands more than ever.In fact, pandemic created a new level of loyalty among them.

Another advantage I think it has been the success of ´zooming´.Obviously, many business trips were canceled and I am very surprised at how efficient the telephone conferences with Zoom.This year, most of our training sessions were also carried out online and with great success.I still think that contact in real life is very important, but something that will change forever, in my opinion, is the amount of business trips.In the end, less trips will save everyone and less trips also have a positive impact on our environment.

When I look at the cons, the answer is quite simple;Due to the temporary closure of stores in many countries, such as Spain, we could not grow as fast as we would have wanted.When we launched our plan it was to organize a great event at the Flagship Store in Madrid and this still has to wait.Live events are very important to generate expectation.Although we are becoming very creative in the online events, I do not see the time to join the official launch party in Madrid, once we can hug each other again!